Goodbye yet again, my dear Switzerland
Published Friday August 11th, 2006

So.. I guess… One more entry from my laptop from my grandparent’s apartment complex from Switzerland. Perhaps a recap since most of my blog consists of such. Maybe some pictures here and there, and finally me ranting about how I don’t want to leave. By the way, I don’t want to leave.

Rewind back to last Monday now 5 days ago. In the evening I met up with my cousin Reto and we went to eat dinner in Munzigen, a town/city between Bern and Thun. (As if that helps anyone. Let’s pretend, though.) I had yummy tortellini with a white cream sauce. Mmm. Very good. But almost everything I eat in Switzerland is very good.

After dinner (around 22h) we returned to Reto’s flat and watched movies late into the night and chatted. I spent the night there and was picked up the next day by my dad and grandma. We then went to have lunch at a rather nice and fancy restaurant outside of Burgdorf. After lunch (which lasted quite some time) we went and bought all sorts of food items which we plan to take back with us to California.

Wednesday we went with my aunt Rita to this … Really not sure how to describe it.. A sort of museum with all sorts of random music instruments, and other obscure mental toys. In the evening we had our annual bar-be-que/grilling get-together with the Luethy family. Later in the evening my sisters, Reto and I played a board game but used a suit of cards instead of dice.. which was rather cool and took out a lot of the chance associated with many board games and made it more strategic. Was actually rather fun.

Thursday came along and my family and I went up into the Bernese Alps to go ride a toboggan louge. We each rode down the side of the mountain three times. We spent the evening eating dinner at my grandparents ( mom’s side of the family) where we ate Raclette. I then drove to Reto’s flat and we then drove out to Burgdorf and went to a pub where we spent 3 or so hours chatting. We then went back to his place where I fixed his computer for him and we chatted some more until 0230ish when I drove back to our apartment above our grandparent’s apartment, and went to sleep. I love hanging out with Reto. So much fun. Heh. I’d ramble more about it but I’m running out of time here.

Today we took my grandparents ( mom’s side of the family) out for an excursion. We ate lunch in the town of Wilisau nearby Luzern. We strolled around a bit, and then also went for a drive up to a random mountain village. Unfortunately it’s been raining more or less for the past two weeks, and so we couldn’t see too far into the distance.

In the evening, after saying good by to our grandparents, and other relatives on my mom’s side of the family, we returned to our apartment and ate our last dinner with my grandparents (dad’s side of the family). I got rather agitated, irritated and otherwise generally rather grumpy and I took a brief nap to get my mind back together.

Sorry for the poor quality in the inclusion method for the following photos. I don’t have a lot of time to do better.

Now I’m here writing these words. Laptop battery running out of power, and the time getting later and later, drawing ever closer to me having to get up at 08h in the morning and then driving the terribly boring and horrid drive to the Zurich aeroport before checking in, and probably having to deal with increased security * yippie!! * before finally getting into the plane and sitting for 12 solid boring hours and then arriving in LAX, going through hell at the customs, and then finally… driving home (another terribly boring and horrid car ride) to our house. I’ll probably be in Camarillo at around sometime between 18h and 19h.

Daniela and I ontop of the mountain Rellerli near Gstaad.

Tobbogan lougge at the end of the ride where you're pulled back up to the starting point. Daniella is being pulled up in the distance.

Dänu at the top/end!

Parent's joined in on the fun, as well.


Stupid faces shot!


Daniela in the gondola on the way down.


Daniela in her space-suit sweatshirt jacket coat thing.

Nearly at the bottom.

Grandparents (mom's parents) Thursday night after dinner.

For more mobile-phone photos from this week, click here.


I don’t want to leave. Do I ever? No. Never. There's nothing for me to gain in the USA.

Work on Monday. Blaaaaahhhhhh. At least we usually have AC there. It’s been rather cold here lately, right now its 5 degrees Celsius outside, and 15 inside where I am sitting. I hear its hotter than hell in California. I absolutely abhor heat.

Blahh.. getting later and later.. want to ramble more about random stuff but there’s no time.

I don’t want to leave.

Don’t want to leave.

Don’t want to.

Don’t want.



(12:33:12) Marco Luethy: enjoy lunch, ttyl (if my plane doesn't blow up)
(12:33:26) Brian Tusi: eh, probably won't. team america's got it under control.

Guess I'm screwed.

juuuustttt kiddinggggg. "See" you all in/from Southern California. Unfortunately from Southern California.
Posted by Damon @ 10:33, August 12, 2006
America misses you

Posted by The fatty @ 13:14, August 12, 2006