Goodbye 2003. Hello 2004!
Published Wednesday December 31st, 2003

Ah yes... another blog entry... why not?

Soo, lets start off a bit in reverse, and talk about something ive been playing with lately... That thing being transcode. Ive used it a lot in the past to just rip/encode dvd's or something.. but, past few days i started to play with the command line and convert other files to whatever.. for example.. from my digital camera, convert the digital video to an XviD file... which.. is a really handy tool to have... and.. its developed for *nix! wooo! Transcode is awesome. heh.. Because i love automation, and make life easier for myself.. i started a script (rather, a nautilus-script writen in bash shell) to help me out. So, now i can right click on a file and just encode it to XviD, or whatever...

A little snippet of code:
if `gdialog --title "Begin Transcoding?" --yesno "Setup complete!\\nInput: $file_input\\nOutput: $file_outdir/$file_output\\n\\nDoes this sound right?" 25 25`
mkdir $tmp_dir
if `xterm +sb -geometry 70x5 -title "Transcoding (encoding $decode_name to $encode_name) $file_output_t" -e "transcode -i '$file_input' -x $decode -o '$tmp_dir/$file_output' -y $encode --a52_drc_off -E 44100 -b 96,0,0 -w 1024 -z"`
then task=1
gdialog --title "Error!" --msgbox "An error has occured." 25 25
mv "$tmp_dir/$file_output" "$file_outdir/$file_output"
if `gdialog --title "Transcoding Completed." --defaultno --yesno "Transcoding from $decode_name to $encode_name complete.\\nInput: $file_input\\nOutput: $file_outdir/$file_output\\n\\nDelete Original file?\\nNOTE: Check new file before deleting old." 25 25`
rm -Rf "$file_input"
else exit
else gdialog --title "Transcoding Canceled" --msgbox "Transcode script canceled." 25 25

You can download this script, Nautilus-script's MPEG2XviD script v1.0a, here. If you have any suggestions or feedback, leme know! Heh, anyways... yea.. woooo! lol. I'll probably have an update later on.

Anyways, how about what ive been up to lately, besides playing with transcode.. lol... Uhm.. yes... well then..

Last friday, i hung out with kate because saturday-half of tuesday she would be up in San Fransisco.. Thus, ... yea... heh...

Saturday adam, mike, wes and i hung out.. we played smash brothers or whatever the game is called on mikes GC. Was fun... i sort of suck at video games in general, so... everyone was set to a handicap of 3, and i was at 9, which made my very powerful, and then the objective for the other 3 was to kick my ass... but i kicked their ass pretty much every time... was quite entertaining for everyone, i thinkk.. lol

Sunday.. erm.. i didnt do anything much at all... playes with transcode early monday morrning... heh...

Mondy, at around 1400 my entire family plus cousin and her boyfriend left and went to san diego, so.. i had the house to myself untill late evening tuesday around 2200.. wooo!!! So, i had everyone over at my house on Monday evening and.. we all hung out... erm.. and... played game cube... screwed around.. nothing too exciting and or notable... lol...

Tuesday.. uhmm... early morning.. i started getting a soar throat and was annoyed. So i went to bed... then... i woke up at around 1430, nearly sleeping 12 hours. I kept having an odd dream where i dreamt i woke up, but.. when i woke up, i realized that.. i had never woken up because all the things i saw when i woke up in my dream werent there in actuality.. like... i dreamt that i saw kate msg me in IRC, however.. when i actually awoke, this was not true.. kate wasnt even home from San Fransisco yet... lol, oddest dream... I rarely have dreams.. or rather.. rarely remember them.. and when i do.. they're always so odd...

Anyways.. it is now the last day of 2003.... WOOOO!!! an even numbered leap year is up next! yey! awesome! .. lol, 2004 here we come! the year of.. high school graduation, turning 18, and college! ... woooo.. the things this comming year has in store for me... wow.... heh.

So, tomorrow the male's in my friend's group are having a LAN... for new years.. we'll be joined by everyone else not going in the group at around midnight or so.. to do the pointless celebration of.. oh.. wow.. its 2004 now... i feel... so.. different.. err.. wait.. no i anyways, yea... heh... that'll be cool.

Anyways.. heh... those are my plans.... woot? This will be the last posting in the year 2003, thus completing another year of this blogs existence. 3 years now. wooo!