3 days down, 2 to go.
Published Wednesday September 10th, 2003

Ah, todays medieval torture/death device.. a Saw! This one is looking mighty gruesome, in concept and... the image..
This instrument had widespread diffusion all over Europe. The saw was inflicted for a great variety of crimes (rebellion, witchcraft, military disobedience), probably owing to its being easily found in all houses so enabling a quick execution.
As we can see from a series of printings and engravings of that period, the victim was hung in an inverted position in order to assure sufficient oxygenation of the brain and to slow down the general loss of blood so that he didn't lose consciousness at once, thus to inflict a longer suffering before death struck.
( citation )

Heh, what a lovely little device.... Hrm.... i'm not quite sure id rather die under this method of torture and death instead of going to school... I mean.. look at that!.. ouch!

Heh.. so.. tonight... at 2000 season premiere oh enterprise was on.. heh.. (star trek, for those who dont know) uhm.. yea.. for a moment i thought i was watching star wars episode 1 or 2 with the new 3d animations they had in the episode.. lol... yep...

Heh... sooo... Today i had a BLAST at school! Oh, wait.. im lying. Minor detail. So, i switched my govt class from standard up to CP... heh.. okay, so i go to my new class.. walk in and.. the teacher says.. the class is full, and to go back to the office, see my councelor and tell them this.. okay.. fine. I go, she says the class is NOT full.. i go back with some print out she gave me, plus a note from her... fun. I show up.. he's like.. uhm.. no.. so, he and i walk back down to the office.. to my councelor.. Fun... they talk... whatever... and.. then.. i have to try a different class... So... i had to switch my math class to get into the govt CP class... and.. see... i was quite satisfied with my Math class, or.. mainly.. my Math teacher... really easy... easy going.. nice... .. did i mention easy? Yeh.. so.. i had to switch into another class... a teacher ive only heard how hard and difficult she is... whoooohoooo!! just what i need! as though i wasnt already going to fail math, now its guaranteed! whoo hooo!! Fantastic... Heh...

Heh, so.. got home from school.. figured.. today sucked, might as well make it suck some more and get more things done.. so.. i registered for an SAT 1 test on October 11th... whoo hooo... usulay people do this their junior year.. uhm.. whoops. Yeah.... bwah. i hate the whole college ordeal. I dont even know what the heck is going on, really. They should have in-class orientation about it or something for students.... And, if they did and i didnt know about it.. they should. uhm.. tell more people about it... or.. just have every student hear about it... like.. class registration for senior year.. Everyone in history class did it, in their histroy classes... see? simple. Bwah. Then, some people might say.. its your responsibility to find out about the topic... Heh... whatever, im just an imature little teenager. Stereo-type away!

Heh... School is flawed. The education system is faulty... Namely, because its run by human beings who are educating others. Each teacher has different standards, each teacher grades differently, some assign more homework then others in the same subject and level. So, your grade depends slightly on your teacher, and how they grade.. so, different students who take the same class with different teachers end up with an unequal scale by which they are graded. This annoys me. Heh... if you dont really follow what im saying.. oh-well... not that important.. as.. nothing is going to change anytime soon so.. whatever.. Bwah. i hate school. *sees commercial for "the man show"* bwah. i hate that show too. How degrading.

Heh.. tomorrow.. evening.. i plan on going out and eating dinner with an old friend, Cory Franklin... looking forward to that one. *watches Daily SHow* heh.. i like the daily show.. funny... uhm.. yep

Heh.. so.. what else does my evening have in store.. Uhm.. lets see.. Tv... uhm.. considering doing math homework, and then not doing it.. Uhm.. what else?... erm.. I think ill watch Unscrewed and X-Play on techtv at 2300 instead of going to bed. I'll regret it later the morning, but.. oh-well.. remember.. im a stereotypical immature teenage high-school student.

Heh, yeh.. im a bit pissy, or annoyed as though one could not tell... many attributes to this, but.. never mind those... Heh.. all i can now as i sit here is... wait for these last 2 days of school to pass before the weekend... enjoy my 2 days of peace.. and then.. face another week of the hell they call school. At least we get a day off from school next week.. A wednesday.. right smack in the middle of the week, not to say im not happy about having a day off but.. why in the middle of the week!? Oh-well.. a day off from school, is a day off from school. Heh, too bad its a wednesday (personal reasons involed there).

Bweh.. anyways.. im done with this blog entry... tada..