from zurich aeroport
Published Saturday August 12th, 2006 via a mobile phone.

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Here we are at the Zurich aeroport. Im sad and dont want to leave. Security checks are pointless. Theyre purely there for some false feeling of safety. Youre not allowed to bring liquids past the check point. We managed to do so anyway without trying. Lol. Pointless. Looking around now... This flight is completely full. Ick! Blah dont want to leave. Dont want to leave. Never want to leave. Blah.
Posted by Damon @ 07:24, August 12, 2006
You may not miss America, But America misses you

Posted by Margret @ 11:24, August 14, 2006
Thank you Damon and Chelsea for all the great things you did while we were gone.We had peace of mind while we were gone. You are both awsome. I love America and it's people!

Posted by Marco @ 14:49, August 16, 2006
I agree with the first sentence. I agree with the second sentence. I agree with the third sentence (except for Chelsea). I disagree with the fourth sentence.