another update to my blog
Published Tuesday October 14th, 2003

Well then.. whaddya know.. yet another week has passed, another weekend has gone by.. and.. its just time for start the process all over again.. woohoo.... Heh...

So, last week.. not a whole lot happened... played around a bit with my setting up of my Operating system as the disk that my os was on died... heh.. so.. i was still getting all that set up.. .... not a whole lot more happened during the week... thursday we had a minimum day which i spent with kate... and then.. later i hung out with adam and wes... we played vice city at my house.. that was amusing.. funny game... heh...

Friday evening.. we.... erm.. OHH!! we went and saw Kill Bill... which.. i found to be hilarious and.. uhm.. i quite liked the movie.. will certainly go see volume 2! lol... dont think kate was as convinced.. poor her had to see that movie... by her own free will! ... lol, at one point.. tyson and i just couldnt stop laughing our asses off...... heh.. it was fun... after that.. we ate dinner, and played risk at kates house.... it was just grant, tyson, wes, adam, mike, kate and i... heh... i went home at around 9... i had SAT1 test the next day....

Heh, so yea.. i went to bed at extremely early 2200... i havent gone to bed that late since... eerrmm... a long time ago... heh, anyways... i got up at 0640... and.. drove to channel island high school.. where.. i would take the SAT1 test... which.. really passed rather quickly.. it... was rather astounding to me how fast it went by... *me flips to cnn on tv , first words he hears is "was killed on.." and changed channel again.* This is why i dont stay up with news.

Anyways.. i drove back home.. and.. i spent the rest of the day with kate.. heh... same goes for sunday... mmmm... Only negative of sunday was... my.. NEW hard disk that i got in order to replace the old disk that had died on me a week before... DIED ON ME. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT?! ARGH!! THere is a Conspiracy Against Marco, or.. CAM. CAM hates me. Damn you CAM.

Monday... 3 minutes ago, i got up at around 1100... a bit early for my taste... as... there was noise all around because of people working on the remodeling of the bathroom upstairs.. heh... i sort of sat around.. i took an hour long nap at around 1430ish.. and.. then.. i headed off to chris's house, first picking up adam... We hung out... adam, marwin and i played some n64. wes and chris had their own fun, which i was amused by as well.... at 8 we left.. and.. adam wes and i went to Baja Fresh.. and.. we ate dinner then... then went home... i watched csi miami at 2200... xplay and unscrewed at 2300 and.. here i am making this rather rushed news posting. Heh, did i mention we got yesterday.. Monday.. off from school? lol.. yey!.. heh... but... now.. i have to go to school again tomorrow... argh..

Heh... soo.. once again.. i dont have my computer up and running.. so.. im typing this posting from my dads laptop, sittin on the couch in the living room before the tv... fascinating, i know. heh. did i mention, i dont really want to go to school tomorrow? heh.. yea... yea i dont really want to go to school tomorrow.. that place sort of.. really sucks ass.. heh... but now im just being repetative and.. babling... indeed, i am.. As well as my new disk dieing ..'s slave drive also had some issues today... argh.. what does CAM have against me?.... argh!!

Heh.. yes.. well then.. i should probably be heading off to bed around this time... so.. i think i shall go do that just about now.... gooooooooood byyyyyeeee!!!!