Published Wednesday March 20th, 2002

Hrm.. well then.. today was another typical school gay *blek* 1st period was especially boring today.. baaah.. hrm.. besides that.. nothing really new... Indeed,... oh! i got home today and... put on my pj's like usual (cuz theyre comfy =)) and then.. i lay on my bed cuz.. i figured id relax a little for a few seconds before i go on the computer, and i was cold so i figured it was a good way to warm up.. and.. then i get wakken up by my dad 1 and a half hours later.. hahahaha, funny, no? i sure thought it was.. hrm.. anyways... today.. i grabed.... another 800Megs of mp3s.. hahahahahahaha, oh! and believe it or not, they're all legal! hahahahaha, wow.. lol, anyways.. yea... hrm... here is what i got:

dj doboy - progressive megamix.mp3
dj doboy - Eurojams Vol. 1 (Part A).mp3
dj doboy - the unreleased vocal mix.mp3
dj doboy - Vocal Edition Volume 2.mp3
dj doboy - Eurojams Vol. 1 (Part B).mp3
Future Sound of Trance - Vol 18 cd1.mp3
perpetuous dreamer - Promo Vinyl 2001.mp3
perpetuous dreamer - Club.mp3
dj doboy - 11-17-00.mp3.temp
dj doboy - live on Dec 09, 2000 part 3.mp3
dj doboy - live on Dec 09, 2000 part 2.mp3
dj doboy - klassic mix volume (new wave edition).mp3
dj doboy - bedroom session #3 (jan 14, 2001) live.mp3
maria nayler - Naked and sacred (DJ Doboy Breakbeat Remix).mp3
vengaboys - kiss (airscape mix).mp3
dj doboy - live on Dec 09, 2000 part 1.mp3

most excelent, no? i think this will be my last batch.. then ill be done for a few weeks cuz.. i grabed 2 gb in the last few days.. that.. should last me quite some time, i believe.. haha... hrm.. well then.. i belive there are 5 and a half days left of school... 6 max.. im not sure if the last day before spring break is a 2/3's day... heh... hrm.. anyways... thats it for today...
Posted by Bob @ 21:47, November 24, 2002
WOW!! You kicked some a$$ grabbing all those MP3's... DJ Doboy is awesome!! I have a 56k modem, and seriously need to upgrade so I can grab some mixes too. Take care........

Posted by wchin @ 15:22, February 25, 2003
I desperately DESPERATELY want a copy of DJ DOBOY KLASSIC MIX Vol. 1....I only have a stoopid tape copy and sounds the pits! Pleeeeze pleeez PUH-LEEEEZ can u email me a link where I can get the mp3 file!!!

Posted by John @ 20:51, March 19, 2003
Hey dude, nice grab, I stumbled on your website, and I was wondering where did you get DJ doboy's Eurojams Volume 1 PART A & B... can yo0u get back to me dude, thanks