Spring break is good.
Published Saturday March 30th, 2002

Check out this video of my house.

Anyways, nothing much new. Today i made a little video of my house and things around here because i was... bored at the moment where i saw our video camera... so, yea.. yep.... Hrm, what did i do today... I tried to get quicktime to work in linux for about 2-3 hours and failed... Then, i upgraded gaim 0.54 to the latest 0.55 release... Uhm, then Epiar 0.15 was released... and.. now im in #epiar on irc.openprojects.org disscussin plans for epiar.. all much fun... wow, now we're really into this.. hrm.. must shortly break way to make this post... anyways.. yea... ah, now we're disscussing a tech-tree and how we need to hold a meeting.... anyways.. lol.. hrm. wednesday chris came over here and slept over.. we spent the whole time in the guesthouse on our computers with the wireless network giving us internet access... and.. then.. we went to bed around 4 or 5 or something.. anyways.. we woke up at 1300 and no one was home.. i got this really really weird stomach ache ... and.. i wont go into details.. anyways.. yea, chris stayed till around 1700 and then his parents picked him up.. and.. i went back on the computer... hrm. yep, im so glad its spring vacation.. wheee! so fun.. no school.. completely off normal peoples sleeping schedules.. its excelent! well then.. that is it for today... new poll goes up tomorrow! cya.,.