another weekend
Published Saturday March 22nd, 2003

Heh.. well.. today.. or.. rather.. at this time.. yesterday.. was Chris's birthday.. so we went out into malibu and took a little hike on the Grotto Trailhead ... heh... it was fun... when we got back to the car, we drove down to Neptunes Net witch was right below and got something to bit.. or.. eat... heh.. we then returned to Chris' residence and hung out.... untill aorund 11.. lol... and... then...... we brought matt home, and then adam, mike and i sat ontop of my hill and just talked... fun. that was my Friday off from school. woot! it was very fun. heh.. yep.... when i got home.. i just sat around on my computer... heh, talked to an old friend on AIM which.. i hadn't done in a long time... that was fun... added even more to the overall goodness of my day.. heh.
well then.. its late.... 0300 in the morning, to be exact... so.. im going to go to bed now.. and.. in the morning... sleep very very long.. mmmmmm..... excellent. Heh, somewhat of a breif and rushed posting, today, but.. ohwell...