Brief Update
Published Monday July 17th, 2006

So.. I've been here in Switzerland for three full days now.. and so far it seems like ive done a lot.. I've got some spare time on hand so perhaps I shall type up a little update..

Andrea and I reached our final destination in Switzerland ( Wasen, Im Emmental) at around 19h last Friday.. We ate dinner and I then proceeded to pass out, but was unfortunately already awake at 06h the next day. Oh well.. I took a nap after lunch which we ate here with my grandparents from my dad's side of the family. For dinner we went and visited my grandparents from my moms side of the family.. family family... lots of it (all?) here, none of it in California. So .. yea.

That evening (that being Saturday evening) I once again proceeded to pass out as I went to bed, but to much dismay was yet again awake at 06h.. but was able to fall back asleep at around 08h untill around 10h.. yippie hooray. I hate jet lag.. it sucks... Then again.. I don't suppose many people particularly enjoy jet lag.. but who knows..

So where was I.. hrm... Sunday.. yes.. right.. I sort of lay around and relaxed most of the day. I sent Andrea off with my cousins Anna and Martin to go play frisbee and swim in a freezing cold river. I, along with my grandparents (dads side), later met up with Anna and Martin at their home with my Uncle, Aunt, and additional cousin Ursula. My aunt, Martin, and Anna are leaving from California on Wednesday.. Urusula is then also heading to Amerika on the 28th of this month.. Although Martin and ma aunt are returning to Switzerland before I head back to California, I will see Anna and Ursula when I return to the states. Yey! I like it when family comes to visit us.. especially cousins whom I can dutifully harrass..

Anyway.. we ate dinner and watched a movie at their house.. and then when we returned back home.. i proceeded to pass out yet again and then awoke yet again at 06h.. but thats ok. I guess..

Today, today being Monday.. We.. as in.. Andrea and myself.. uhrr... Oh yes! We went and had lunch over at my grandparents (moms) / aunt / uncle / cousins farm.. and then.. my grandparents, Andrea and I drove out to a town called Frick to go visit my Mom's sister and her partner. We chatted, we had dinner, and one of my cousins, Christopher (son of my mom's sister) came and joined us.. Soon, at around 20h we left and I drove us back to no-where Switzerland (aka Wasen i/E).

Now I am back here at my grandparents from my dad's side of the family where we are staying in a flat one floor above that of my grandparents (they own the complex and two others nearby.) So .. yea.. I guess I've only been here three days.. but it already feels like much more, and not enough all at the same time..

Tomorrow we're going to Media Markt where I shall purchase a plethora of CD's and spend lots of money. Yippie Skippie.

That's all for now.. I'm off to bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Posted by The fatty @ 22:10, July 17, 2006
this feels ridiculous since there may be comments hidden from me, but it seems i am always the first to say something, lol. who cares, anyways...that sounds like quite the delightful time so far Marco, hope it continues. I promise to stop texting you at weird times times too. :) My sister also says hi and that she's creeped out that you messaged her on myspace...which means of course do it more! Buy lots of music so I can steal it from you later! Tchauzinho!

Posted by Marco @ 01:26, July 18, 2006
I don't care when you text me.. It's not like it wakes me up.. or bugs me.. or interferes somehow with what I'm doing.. The message just goes to my phone where It waits for me to read it.. And.. yea.. you're usually the first to add a comment... I guess that means you have no life. You loser.

Posted by chris @ 12:46, July 18, 2006
i wanna be the first to comment! damn you The fatty, whoever you are. marco, call me a minute or two before you post a new entry and ill get the first comment! yes! victory! viva la france!