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Published Monday June 19th, 2006

For those of you interested in X-Men, or just interested in how Hollywood uses computers to enhance humans, check out this article. It's been a while since I wrote an entry.. Two weeks or something. Geesh, I'm such a slacker.

So.. Two Fridays ago, Matt, Chelsea, Gem!!, Heather Wills, and myself got together and went to see The Omen at the Roxy. Mmmm what a terribly boring movie. The movie was just 90 minutes in length, but it felt like it lasted forever and just wouldn't end.. Yea, it was very boring. After the movie we all went to In-n-Out and hung out for a while because there really wasn't much else to do. Eventually we all drove back to Chelsea's house where all our cars were located, and then dispersed for the evening. It was nice to see Gem again! She was definitely the highlight of the evening.

That Saturday I hung out with Norm and we watched a sort-of documentary on Kevin Smith where. It was basically a DVD with a collection of appearances he's made at various college campuses. Was rather entertaining.. Later in the evening Cory and Brian showed up and we all chilled. Sunday soon followed and I didn't do a whole lot. I mixed.. and that was what I did that Sunday.

Then the weekdays came. Outside of work, I don't think I really did a whole lot. I don't remember anything particularly interesting, anyway. I mixed here and there in the evening after work.. but that was just about it. Inside of work.. I spend the week working more on Onepage.. It's actually starting to look and feel like something someone actually might want to possibly buy. No one has bought it, yet.

This just-passed Friday.. Matt, Chelsea, Chris, Kristen, Wes, Dianne, __insert name here because I don't remember her name__, and myself met up at Starbucks.. We then walked to a nearby park where we lingered. We then walked back to Starbucks where our cars where. Matt, Wes, Dianne, __insert name here because I don't remember her name__, and myself then went to Rolling Pin where they ate nasty donuts and I watched. We then dispersed. Matt and I hung out for a bit longer, and then also called it a night. oooOOOOoooOOOoooOOoo How fun. And exciting. But not really. Oh well.

Saturday I met up with Chris and we went and had dinner at Wendy's. Mmmm. How yummy. (Not really... but better than neighboring Burger King.) After eating we went and harassed Jesse and Matt at Sav On, and then joined Matt on his break on a trip ... to Burger King. Ha ha. After dropping Matt off back at work, Chris and I were thoroughly bored until we went and picked up Kristen and headed to Cal Lu to go visit Danielle. We hung around for an hour or two chatting and playing with legos, and then returned back to Camarillo where systematically I dropped Kristen and Chris off. I called up Brian Tuttle to see what that group was up to, and then met up with them all ( Jessica, Colby, Brian, Cory, Norm) at Jessica's apartment. After work was over for Matt, he joined us as well and... we lounged around well into the evening.

Sunday/Yesterday came.. and.. I didn't do a whole lot until I went to dinner at El Torrito in Oxnard with both my sisters. That was a lot of fun. We sang to Spice Girls on the way home and yelled at people walking on the sidewalks with Spice Girls and other overly-poppy but rather catchy music blaring. I then met up with Mike and Chelsea and we rented and watched Pinata: Survival Island which was an absolutely terribly, but hilarious movie where a Pinata chased around a bunch of college students on an island and killed them and not so elaborate and rather blunt ways including dismemberment, decapitation, pulling internal organs out through the groin, relentless bashing of face with twig, gobbling, and other generally acceptable methods of sucking/claiming peoples souls.. Next time we'll have to watch Cheerleader Massacre, or perhaps Ginger Snaps.

Now the weekend is over, yet again.. and here comes another week of work. I'm already looking forward to the weekend where I'll be thoroughly bored yet again. Traaa laaa laaaaa. Hey look! In one month I shall be.. In Switzerland! Hoooorah!

Well then.. I'm going to do some work now. The end.
Posted by The fatty @ 16:37, June 19, 2006
The server on that website finally wasn't all clogged so I read that article, yippie! We really need to kidnap Gem again, soon... p.s...nevermind, lol.