tomorrow, i return!
Published Tuesday August 14th, 2001

hmm.. tomorrow i return to the slums of northern america (off.. by the way... im talking about the USA) uhhh.. umm.. ja... anyways.. umm.. lol.. hmm. today.. i went shoping.. just buying all sorts of crap yup.. that was fun.. lol. kaching!!!!!!!!!! welp... im coming home tomorrow.... today i said goodbye to everyone.. and.. yup.... in 8 hrs... i have to get up.. and in 12.. im taking off... ehh.. yup.. welp.. my next post will be from... USA... yup.. hmm. welp.. till then! hmm. ohh! i must say.. that... this has been an excelent vacation! ahh! how nice it was... baah! school starts a week from next monday or something.. noooooo! hmm.. anyways.. lol.. till next post!