Off to Greece!
Published Friday October 15th, 2004

After having had this in mind since the begining of the year, it will finally happen. Having writen about it on March 28th in, "... where the pampers is?," as more of a wish or a dream.. I'm going to Greece! Tomorrow, Saturday 16th at 09.45 I'll be sitting in a plane heading for Athens, Greece. I'm more than excited and anxious. The first three days i'll hang about Athens exploring the sights. On Tuesday the 19th i'll go on a tour around mainland Greece hitting all the tourist attractions. After I return to Athens 5 days later I'll frolic about as I see fit until having to return on November 3rd. I plan to visit some of the islands, or more specifically, do some island hopping, and then some more frolicking! My camera will severely hate me when I return, and I'll severely hate myself when I get to process all the photos..

My grandparents and I returned from Germany last Monday (It was awesome, btw. Germany is really cool.) However, I did not have enough time to process the photos from that trip, type up the entries I wrote, and combine the two (1620 photos taken.) I want to display the photos and the entries in a way the upcoming layout will be much better able to handle than this current one. To finish the new layout, the entries and to process the photos would have been too much to do for a short four days. Instead, I watched 55 episodes of Futurama and did other general sitting on my ass doing nothing. :-)

My vacation in Germany from my vacation in Switzerland is over, and now I need to take a vacation in Greece to recover from my vacation in Germany from my vacation in Switzerland. :-) Until I return and get caught up with all my entries, I bid adieu!
Posted by havanna @ 08:10, October 15, 2004
Marco, I missed talking to you! And I will miss it again! But you know what? Maybe it's cool that you leave, so you can't tell me how glad you are that I have to go to university while you can relax and enjoy doing nothing! ;) But seriously, I think we should do some stuff together when you return; please let me know when you're back and have some time for me! ;) Have the greatest time: I envy you for all the cool stuff you are doing! BTW, try "uso" in Greece! But not too much! ;) Have a good time and be safe Anna

Posted by Marco @ 11:23, October 15, 2004
Anna: I'll be sure to leave plenty of time for ya! ;) I just hope you wont be busy with ALL of that school work from university! I mean.. the hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours you'll have to slave away before your aufgabe.. Think of the misery you'll experience! Oh, poor, poor you! :-)

Posted by me @ 09:41, October 17, 2004
it's ouzo, but eh, cool. Greece should be very nice now, warm, sunny, no rain, no clowds... ouzo!

Posted by Andimandi @ 15:52, October 19, 2004
No rain!!! No clouds!!! how can you enjoy that??!?!? ....its raining here now...its nice!!!! = )

Posted by me @ 11:25, October 24, 2004
damn rain sucks!!!

Posted by Todd @ 11:47, October 30, 2004
Hope your trips going great Marco, I'm jealous can't wait too see the pictures. Todd