An Entry By Hand
Published Monday March 19th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Delerium - Daylight, feeling neutral.

Posted by LeighAnn @ 14:08, March 19, 2007
Um Marco, I think you better go back to just typing your entries.... or work on your printing... and cursive... just stick with drawing pictures....

Posted by The fatty @ 20:34, March 19, 2007
YOU LUCKY ****!!!! I want one of those so bad! Artists' dream right there...Matt and I have been looking for one for the past couple months too. Where did you get yours and how much was it, if I may ask? Heh, I bet Matt knows all this already and just hasn't said anything...

Posted by No Name @ 20:34, March 21, 2007
Ahah, this made me laugh.