Published Thursday March 6th, 2003

Nungana = Me

<nungana> fear me for I am a canabalistic, flesh eating, human sex machine/beast!
<nungana> oooooeoeoeoeee ooooeoeoeoe oooooeeee!!!!!!!
<nungana> Can you see, how I scratch my forehead before thee!?
<nungana> Oh, but you can, and you're frightened by it, I know.
<nungana> But, be not alarmed, for I am here not to frighten you, but to teach you.
<nungana> I'm here to teach you of the many ways in which you have not been tought.
<nungana> I shall teach you such things.
<nungana> You shall learn them.
<nungana> We shall then feast on cow.
<nungana> In India
<nungana> Mockingly.
<nungana> And, as we return to the Congo, from where which I come, I shall eat your now knowledgable brain.
<nungana> Piece by piece, piece by piece...
<nungana> Slowly, savouring each neuron.
<nungana> Untill, you cease to exist. Untill your corps rests in my arms, helpless and vulnerable.
<TyrannicalTulip> and I am the flower growing in the gardern of your palace
<nungana> Only then, shall you understand, the true beauty of wwhich I have tought you.
<nungana> As your soul slips away from your corpse, take a look back.
<nungana> Do not be alarmed, that disgusting pile was your corpse. But now you know. Everything will be okay.
<nungana> Its the boredom and procrastination in me.

Oh, silly me. It appears as though the IRC channel is a bit empty. Obviously I saw this as a chance to speak my mind. Heh, maybe im just full of B.S. I'd have to go with the later...