A week has passed.
Published Sunday April 27th, 2003

Heh.. well then... Its been a week almost exactly since my last post, so here's another one. Hrm, well then... a gradual interest of mine that has been building up and getting me more and more interested is Art, and the only art i am any good at.. photography. Thanks in part to deviantart.com and my willingness to upload stuff to my account there, i have created some very nice looking and ehnanced photos. I think this is pretty cool. Hopefully you'll click on some of those images up there and visit my deviantart.com page too see even more photography that i am quite proud of, and impressed by as well as happy with. Heh. *random change of subject* i think im going to redisign this website in a way that will put forward more imagery, and expose my gallery and my photography a bit more.. aswell as just a general layout redesign.. This one is getting old.. over a year old.. how boring. All i need to do is come up with a nice, simple, sleek, and clean design.. heh. Indeed.
Well then... Not much new since last week... all last school week we took stupid Standardized testing... CAT/9 or something... really boring, and pointless.. as.. colleges dont care about it, no schollarships available.. so.. pointless [relative to me]... and.. i treated it roughtly as such.... Heh.. everyone would finish the test so fast.. and we'd have overkill amounts of time to just do nothing..so.. i did a lot of actuall sleeping during school.. last week.. usualy its half awake sleep but... full on sleep last week.. wow... heh... indeed. amazing, i know. hrm.. well then.... Friday we went to go see Bullet Proof monk... heh that was cool... had a bit of everything... Action, kong-fu, attractive female, and.. uhm.. yep. lol... then.. after the movie we drove around a bit... As we were at a stop light, Wes stared off into another car and saw a car exactly filled like the one we were in, 4 seats uses.. but, isntead of all 4 seats filled with guys, they were filled with females, and then they started staring into our car, and we into theirs, and they licked their windows, acting playful (or possibly mockingly)... lol, was entertaining... they were rather attractive too! lol, too bad we ddnt follow them... as wes put it, "People like that rule." lol, i definately agree... heh.
Saturday ( tyson and i had been planning on this for the past week) Tyson, matt, adam and i went up to Ojai, up to Piedra Blanca to hike around and take photos... we spent like 5 hours or so just wandering around the rocks and the trail and having a really good time... it was awsome! I think we all had an insaney great time. heh.. we took over 500 photos cummulatively. lol, some of mine are up there ^ a bit enhanced... heh.. yes yes yes.. quite very much fun.
Sunday i sat around the house.. or.. rather.. on my computer.. uploaded some photographs to deviantart.com... and.. um.. didnt move much because my legs were and still are quite sore.. lol. In the evening, i went with my mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma to some very fancy restaurant... where we built up a heafty 3 figure bill...lol, ouch. Was good though. haha. indeed.
Hrm... this friday comming up, i might be going to Las Vegas (photo taking opertunity!) as this comming saturday is my grandpa's birthday and he is going to celebrate it in las vegas, and we might tag along... heh.. that'll be fun.
Wow, this is quite a long posting.. i wonder if anyone ever reads all the way through these... if YOU are still reading this, why not add a comment or a reply to this posting saying you do! just to make me feel better for writing this.. come on.. it'll takeyou but 10 seconds... come on... please? .. puh-lease? lol...
Hrm.. now, a little bitching... about.. guess what...? yes... school! UGH.. not school.. i dont want to go to school tomorrow, i hate school, damn it. grr. Hmph.
Welp, there was that... now what... bed. ah, yes. bed.. sounds good to me, i think. well then.. off i go.
Posted by eric @ 07:02, April 29, 2003
Ok, I got your reply right here. Have no fear people (well at least me) read your posts. It's one of the things i do instead of my job while i'm at work. Anyway once again kick ass job on the photos. And if I where there we would have followed the girls. heh, anyway later

Posted by margret+%28muti%29 @ 21:47, April 29, 2003
Hallo Marco, ich habe Deine Home Page gelesen. I like the Pictures very much!

Posted by No Name @ 13:35, April 30, 2003
You pleaded for a reply, so here it is. I think you left out the part (eclipse told me) where wes shouted \\"B*tches and hos, where is you at?\\" Also, you need to convince grant to go to prom with mike next year, and to make grant wear a dress. Perfect opportunity for you and photos.