My Obligatory New Years Entry
Published Saturday January 1st, 2005

echo ($year); // 2004
echo ($year); //2005

Wow. The value of $year has been incremented. Fascinating.. Why is this celebrated again? I forget..

Oh well.. My birthday is in 14 days. In 14 days I turn 19. I already bought myself my birthday present. I already bought a birthday present for myself. I bought a really cool media player. I bought myself an iAudio M3L. It is very, very cool for so many, many reasons. It doesn't feel like a product of a mainstream large corporation. It decodes flac and ogg as well as the standards. To upgrade the firmware, I mount the device as a standard usb hard drive (/dev/sd*# for me) and then drop the new firmware .bin file into a folder called firmware on the device and the next time I turn it on, it upgrades to the new firmware it finds int he firmware directory. Ha ha. That's the coolest thing ever. An awesome media player and I never have to boot into Winblows to use transfer files or upgrade the firmware. Heh.. Yep.

In 5 days i have orientation for Brooks. Besides this, I don't really have a whole lot of anything going on. Not much to write about, not much to say. Rather boring, actually. With this all said, I shall conclude this entry.

This has been my obligatory new year's entry.
Posted by Di @ 18:14, January 13, 2005
Winblows. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha