Street lights flicker
Published Saturday February 12th, 2005

Will this be it!? Will this be the entry where the number of comments will finally become larger than the number of weblog entries!? Could it be!? Perhaps it shall! I must make this entry very interesting (uh oh) and provocative (eh..) to get a good number of replies. Here goes!

First of all.. It should be mentioned that..

Yea.. That is the direct result of group boredom.

It's Saturday. This means that it is the weekend. Weekends are good. Had class yesterday.. Cultural Studies.. General Ed.. Generally boring. Before class I dropped of 5 rolls of 36 exposure transparency colour film to get developed. After class I picked it up, plus a 4x5 chrome and paid something around $43 for it all. Expensive stuff.. wow. I drove home.. Met up with Matt, and we went to Point Mugu. It was really stormy and cloudy as well as windy. Quite a beautiful scene. I love the way the ocean looks in stormy weather.

Matt and I drove to my house, ate dinner, went to Sav On and talked with Jesse and Simon, continued on to Matt's house where we played some Battlefield 1942, then Jesse showed up, then Simon.. We went to Starbucks, Jesse went home. Simon, Matt and I rented "Saved!" from blockbuster out of boredom and watched it. I got home at around 02.45.. That was my Friday. Wasn't that exciting? I bet most people completely skipped over that paragraph. Good for you.

Now I ramble.

Lately I've continuously noticed street lights flicker on or off as I drive by them. I never noticed that before until this year.. And now I see it all the time, at least once a night. Why did I never notice this before, why now? .. What the..? Weird.

I think it's a logical conclusion that a lie is more convincing when the person telling the lie is almost convinced of the lie themselves. Taking this logic, I have this tactic I frequently employ: Use lies that out of context would not be lies at all. Form the lie so that it is only a lie because of the context you've put it in, that way you yourself will know that the lie is based in a certain truth and you can then use that truth to make your lie more convincing when delivering it. Make sense? Does to me.

I've been meaning to mention how beautiful the drive along the coastline between Ventura and Santa Barbara is.. Every time I drive up or down the weather is a bit different and I see different and new things. It's really pretty, especially now that things are green. I love seeing green rolling hills and a nice deep blue ocean, detail-less islands out in the water, the sky filled with clouds, or purely blue or a combination of the two.. Ah.. It really is quite lovely. I wish there were more places, or places at all.. to stop ones car and take photographs or just .. look.. Heh..

It's also amusing to see the same people on the roads at the same times of day. I get bored driving between Ventura and Camarillo.. So I stare into peoples cars and I've noticed that a lot of the people are the same people I've seen driving the same direction at that time of day on other days. Ha ha. It sort of makes sense that the same people would be on the road at the same time of day every day... during rush hour and such .. But it's still funny to see the same people over and over.. Kind of makes the world seem small.

Hrm.. What else could I say..? I don't really have a whole lot to say.. A sign that not a whole lot is going on in my life at the moment. Or so it seems. This whole past week seemed kind of empty and dry, lacking excitement and eventful experiences.

I'm sitting here in my room, in my faithful chair listening to my music at loud volumes. Because my desktop still is acting questionably, not really working like it should, I hooked up my really cool Cowon iAudio M3L mp3 player to my sound system and now I'm having a really good time sitting in the darkness of my room, my face illuminated by the light from my laptops display. If I close my eyes and relax my body I get goosebumps from the music. I love music. Aw.. I just came to the end of this album. Guess I'll have to start another one.

Le di do

I kind of wish I had something to talk about right now. I feel like writing a long entry, but I have nothing to say. This makes me wonder, why don't I have anything to say? And my immediate answer to that question is that there really isn't a whole lot interesting and new going on in my life. Brooks was new and interesting for a while, but now it has settled in and become normality and mainstream part of my life. I should just start going places randomly, and perhaps on my own. It is hard to organise something to do out of town because frequently others don't want to come, don't have the money for it, or are busy. I should just suggest something, and see if anyone else can make it, and if not just go by myself. The problem is.. I'm too lazy myself to figure out where to go, and what to do.. Mainly the driving part is what is not so appealing to me...

Ha ha.. I'm sitting in my room and its pitch black with the exception of my laptops display and it's really quite depressing.. it's awesome. If it wasn't windy today I would have worked on my garden, but I hate wind.. So I stayed inside.

*long moments of inactivity and mental wanderings go by*

Wee I just completely zoned out and went into my own little world. Very cool.

Argh! I hate this being bored shit! It's really been a dull and dry, boring week! I want to do something. I want to do something exciting. Something interesting needs to happen. Anything needs to happen. Something.. Argh! I'm so bored. I've been sitting in the darkness of my room now for quite a few hours, listening to random music.. I'm so bored. Not motivated to do anything productive on my computer. Just sitting in my chair, staring into oblivion. Why am I so bored? Where is my motivation? Motivation to do something, where has it gone? It is nowhere. Argh.

Later tonight, I'll probably go out and hang out with friends. It'll be nice, but it will still be boring as fuck. Argh. argh. argh. This is me being very annoyed and typing at the same time with extreme frustration and boredom at my fingertips. This is that. Do you see? It is it. Blah! Argh! ugh! aalalksadfjadsf;ljadf ;jasdf;lakjf ;aljf ;sadkfj sad;ljfas ;ldfjasd ..... Wow.

That is all.

Posted by Di @ 21:46, February 12, 2005
I'm sorry you are bored. CALL ME AND WE'LL FIND SOMETHING TO DO. Well, when we're not in Cam that is.

Posted by Simon+ @ 21:48, February 12, 2005
blarghity blargh.... 'blarghring!'

Posted by Ursula @ 04:45, February 13, 2005
Hi marco you are bored? is this possible? I always tought only MY live is boring. ;-)

Posted by xiphias @ 07:18, February 13, 2005
more comments! yes! feed chtulu with your rhetoric! - the mad northman

Posted by Laura @ 07:35, February 13, 2005
Just another meaningless comment!

Posted by marwin+ @ 09:35, February 13, 2005
geez, if you are bored, get something to do! well, just helping you to get more comments than blogentries Gr

Posted by marwin+ @ 09:35, February 13, 2005
oh, ich verga

Posted by Chelsea @ 13:57, February 13, 2005

Posted by Chelsea @ 13:58, February 13, 2005
I would so go places, and I would drive, but I work, my car is broke(again) and stuff. Yeah, I'm just another boring Camarillian...

Posted by Marco @ 18:25, February 13, 2005
Yep. You suck and you're lame.

Posted by Chelsea @ 14:00, February 13, 2005
Oh, and I can speak other languages too, just like Marwin. Eu gosto minha vida na Camarillo. Minha vida e muito brincadeira e eu amo meus amigos! Tchauzinho!

Posted by Marco @ 18:24, February 13, 2005
Babel Fish Translation In English: I taste my life in the Camarillo. My life and much trick and I love my friends! Tchauzinho! .. Sure chelsea.. you keep on tasting that life of yours and them trick's..

Posted by Chris @ 14:43, February 13, 2005
я слишком могу сыграть игры!

Posted by Marco @ 18:15, February 13, 2005
I dislike you.