"testosterone heaven"
Published Sunday February 1st, 2004

Wow. I have for you, an image intensive post yet again! I feel sorry for those on slow internet connections, aka. Dialup. But, lets not delay. I think i'll start this one of with what i did on Saturday...

So, Saturday morning, i got up at 1045 in the morning. Rather early for myself. Mike came down here to my house about 20 minutes later, and we hopped into my family's Toyota Tundra and headed for Gorman, out past Valencia, near Frasier Park. A lovely 90 minute drive with trance music blarring and me at the wheel.

When we got there, we filled up with gas, and headed for the state park entrance to Hungry Valley state vehicular recreation area. We pulled up to the little entrance gate thingo, payed a meer $4 to the kind old lady, who also gave us a map. We ate some food we had brought in a parking lot, and then headed off. Oh it was fun. It was fun indeed.

We came on trails where there were soo many bumps and interesting things to drive over. It was funny as hell. We bounced around, got air, and all
these sorts of fun things. The fastest we ever went over any of the bumps was 20mph and that was way too intense. lol, it was fun beyond belief. A photo by Mike:

We followed the map we had more or less and stayed only on trails rated as easiest. But, somehow we got on the wrong trail, or onto a trail that wasnt on the map anymore, or who knows. We ended up driving up through this sort of creekbed. Soon it became very narrow and unfortunately the truck got scratched from the plans on the side of the path. We got out of the truck and scouted up ahead on foot to see what we'd fine there, and it only got worse. We drove on a little bit further, to a place where i could pull of a turn of some sort so we could head back. I was rather impressed with my handling of the car because we went around some pretty tight turns. So, now the truck is all scratched up, and that sort of sucks. Untill we got out of the little narrow trail we werent having much fun anymore. Once we did get out we were jolly good again and happy, except for me and the scratches on the trucks paint-job. Heh.

The photo up there, in the middle dividing the text is a little overview of a small part of the
park. Ah! Its a testosterone heaven, as Kate might call it. It kicked so much ass. I hadn't had that much fun in one day in a long time.

We drove around for a long time, 5 hours at least. When the sun started to set, we had just gotten back to the main road and with perfect timing left as the lights went out. I drove us home, was rather boring drive, but when we got back to Camarillo, we headed to my house and had dinner.

After dinner we collected the masses and somehow ended up at Mike's house where we hung out and what not. I just sat in Mike's comfortable chair and day dreams, and also read some magazine and Jerry Seinfeld book i found laying around in Mike's room. I got a ride home from Kate, and well that was the night.

However, that was only Saturday... The past week has been rather eventful. During the school week, which lasted from Monday through Thursday was mostly semester finals with the exception of monday, which was just a pointless day. Tuesday i had my physics final, and then got home at around 1030, because i didn't have a 6th period class. Wedneday i had english and math finals... I passed my math class with a 66.8%! Woo! Thats passing, and my German AP class will handle the D in my gpa. lol. Im rather glad i passed math, for had i not then i would have had to take another class 2nd semester, instead of going home at lunchtime and only haveing a total of 4 classes! Heh, so, wooO!! i passed! lol. Anyways, Thursday i had government and german finals. Everyone in my government class, with the exception of Wes, Jesse, and Ryan Stackhouse failed the final miserably. But, thats okay.

I'm very glad that first semester is over, and that well... now... I only have 4 classes. Economics, English, German, and.. hahahhahah Tech Nav.. what a joke. I love it! Woo! I get home at lunch. All this past week ive had so much time because each day we had finals, we had a minimum day, and got home at lunch... And now, i will be getting home at lunch every school day. So much free time to be used! ah! yes! I'm very excited.

Well then, just by looking at how long this entry already is, and what i still have on my list of things to discuss, this is posting may very well be a record breaking length. Well, lets move on. Thursday evening we went up to Mike's house. Once the nearly full sized group had assembled there we headed over to the state park nearby Mike's house and we went on a little night hike, for about 90 minutes. It was good fun, in the dark.. Wasnt even cold either. Adam, Matt and i ditched the group and then hid from them. They all walked passed us twice and never saw us laying there in the tall grass. It was funny. We never did get to leap out at the rest and yell, "Boo!," But, oh well... It was still fun. After the little hike, Kate had to go home, and the rest of us hung out at Mike's. We left, and i took Matt and Adam home, however, Adam and i drove back santa rose road and then down the 118 before he got dropped off. Purely out of boredom.

Firday, Mike came over at around 1300 and we took the my families newly bought (but not new) manual 95' honda civic and went stick driving, as we both suck. It was entertaining watching each other stall and idle and the sort. We returned to my house, and hopped into Mikes car and then, picked up Kate. Then, we all went to the Paseo theatre and saw The Cooler. Move was okay, and after it finished we called around and collected a group to go eat dinner at Daphnes in Newbury Park. After dinner we headed back towards Kates house, where more people seemed to be accumulated. We then, randomly, decided to go spend random gift certificates we had, which led us to the Oaks Mall... We all seemed to go seperate ways, and i ended up at the Sweet Factory where i knew Jesse Lawson worked. He insisted that i take some candy, so.. i got $25 dollars worth, had a chat with him and then, when i couldnt find any of my group members, left to find them waiting by the cars. Lol. i love known many people and having good associations with them. Have a chat, get some candy.. Its good good fun. lol.

So, we left the Oaks Mall and headed off towards Borders. At borders, there was this guy who looked strikingly similar
to me, and Mike having his new small digital camera with him, snapped some shots of the guy. Take a look at this picture of me which Adam took a year ago. Those of you who know me well, probably dont even need a image reference to see the erie
similarity. Also, the clothing is very similar to mine, if not nearly identical. hahahaha. Its too bad that i missed him. I came in on the other side of Borders, and thus missed it all togheter. I should have walked up to him and said.. hey! But, he had already left the store. Aww.. So, yea... that is NOT me, i have others who can contest to it. Besides, look at the guys cheeks and mouth... ey? Not quite the same as my features. lol.

Anyway, after borders we more or less ended the night chatting, first at starbucks and then later on at Kates. While we were at starbucks, i got some chocolate milk.. Woo, lol. At one point, Mike and Tyson battled over a chair, and somehow Tyson ended up with his ass towards me. Kate slightly spanked it... And then, i got up, and with a full swing of my arm slapped his ass as hard as i could, and apparently i hit one of his testese. So, that was good entertainment for a while figuring out how that happened... Yea.. lol, anyways... That was the night. Got home... and.. went to bed after a while.

Sunday, today... I.. erm, got up and well.. didnt do a whole lot. Sort of a relaxing laid back, motivationalless day. I watched some stargate, and.. yea... I'm kind of sore from bouncing around yesterday, while off roading.. lol. Now, im just sitting here eating the candy i got from Jesse Lawson, and.. uhm.. yea, writing this long blog entry. Oodles of fun. Looked for a job again today, in the news paper, but didnt really find anything id be interested in, or could do part time.. heh. Poo...

The next 2 weekends i have 3 day weekends..... WOO! this is rather excellent if you ask me.

Its kind of funny, but then again, not really.. That, whenever my friends and i hang out we always end up just lounging around and talking.. which, is fine and dandy, but gets kind of boring when we do it all the time and the conversations become dry and boring. Additionaly, a topic which always is discussed and talked about extensively is school. I really dont want to talk about school when im not at school. Although, im guilty of talking about school myself, take a look few paragraphs up in this blog entry... But still... blah. lol. I should start bringing a magazine or a book or something to read while lounging around and chatting.. I think that would be very nice and relaxing for me. Those conversations i find interest in i could join in, or just listen in, and those i dont really care for i could just tune out. That would be grand, i think i might try it. See how that works out.

Two more things on my adgenda.. and, here is one. The latest virus going around, MyDoom... Hahahahahaha. I love MyDoom, what better virus could there possibly be? Its smart, and its purpose is simply to form a DDoS on sco.com and microsoft.com ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I hate both companies with a passion, heck! I should install MyDoom on my computers intentionaly just to contribue to the DDoS.. lol.. yea... Heh.

My mom left for switzerland last tuesday, and that is where she is now, visiting family and spending time with her sister. Its kind of sad though, i barely realize she is missing. I rarely see her when she is home, and now that she is not, its not much different. Sure, come dinner time, shes not there, or when i make milk runs or come out of my room, or am not out with my friends i see her occasionaly.. but, theres not that large of a difference.. Which is kind of sad, wouldnt you say? Heh.. She's coming back next monday, i believe. Yey.

Heh, well, ive hit everything on my list of things to say and, thus really dont have much more to say, except for i hate school, but not as much as i used to (here i go with bringing school up again) because, i got off at lunch now! woo! I plan on going up to Mikes house tomorrow for lunch.. Wooo. Additionally, i no longer has Mr. Flynn as a teacher and.. thus.. all is even better.. Wes and i have Mr. Near.... woo! haha.

Anyways, thats all for today, i think. So... good night!
Posted by Eric @ 09:05, February 02, 2004
What... Not even a mention of rita? I thought She/He was your soulmate. I guess I'll go give her/him a call and break the news. geeze Marco you should know better than to piss of a russian bride.../groom.