An incomplete sleepy mess I shall call an entry
Published Sunday November 19th, 2006

Instead of typing words and stringing them together in meaningful ways for either of two essays I have due on Tuesday, I am typing here now for what shall become 586th weblog entry. Quite some time has elapsed since I last really posted an update, but I suppose I’ve not really had quite a whole lot to write… As it is becoming apparent to me that I still do not. Nevertheless I have some urge to put together some text for public display.

I can’t seem to stop zoning out as I type up this entry. 30 idle minutes must have elapsed between this and the last paragraph during which I’ve just stared at these words blank and thoughtlessly. I am out of focus. A blur.

A bit over a year ago I was on the interviewee side of the interview table, and last Friday I was on the interviewer side of the table interviewing alongside Brian and my boss Lance for a support/project-management/etcetera position at work. I never thought I’d be participating in interviewing someone for a job. It’s just an interesting thought to me, I suppose. I suppose a lot. Better yet, I suppose I suppose a lot.

I had a rare and rather enjoyable although not particularly productive conversation with my mom a few days ago about my weblog entries, what she though of them, religion, and perhaps philosophies.. Friday night I joined Brian, LeighAnn, Jason, and a friend of theirs, Lisa, for dinner at a Pizza place in Thousand Oaks. Saturday night I saw the new Bond.. Casino Royale with Matt.. I’m indifferent about what I thought of it. Today I joined Brian and LeighAnn on a stroll in Malibu State Park, for a board game (which I won!) and a swim, and finally Sushi and rolls at the Japanese restaurant by Baskin Robins and/or Coffee Bean. Hooray for not having sat home all day long and not having wasted yet another Sunday doing nothing!

Hah.. I really would like to put at least one snippet of something thoughtful floating around in the chaos in my mind into this entry, but I fear I am far to unfocused. I think I’m about to fall asleep, too. This entry has been far from satisfying. My mind feels as though a strong wind, a tornado perhaps, has opened filling cabinets filled with my thoughts on papers now set free violently flying around in circles, colliding and becoming unreadable amongst the torrent, the clutter. Sleep beacons.
Posted by Chris @ 00:36, November 21, 2006
I understand that interview feeling; I never gave one myself though. You're moving up in the world!

Posted by The fatty @ 22:48, November 21, 2006
Reading your entry made me realize that all concept of time has floated away somehow...