Jet Lagged Lounging
Published Friday July 2nd, 2004

Results of playing around with the raw photo file from a photo from Biel, yesterday. Tints, hues, saturation, etc very very much increased. Just because i can, without any quality loss.

Heh.. A rather uneventful Sunday. Early in the morning, around 0300 in the morning.. i woke up and felt kind of sick.. visited the bathroom a bit, 30 min or so.. and then went back to sleep. I woke up at around 0800 and drank some milk for breakfast.. I didn't want to repeat yesterday with the food consumption, so i started of light, as usual. Into most of the morning, untill lunchtime i programmed some on my laptop. A little interface for me to make weblog entries on my laptop, organize them, edit them, and all such things, and then create a tarball which i can upload to my website, and a script which then syncs the website's weblog database with what i have on my laptop. Fun, no? Heh.

Yeh, after lunch, i dont quite recall what i did, i remember though, that i ended up taking a 2 hour or so long nap into the afternoon, and soon dinner was ready and i felt as though all i'd accomplished that day was eating.. That i was eating a whole lot, and i didn't like it. I had some soup and milk for dinner. Ever since i've arrived my stomach has been a bit unhappy.. I had way too much to eat on Saturday, but feel better now, today, having eaten much less food. After all, i've been eating about 1.5 meal a day the past few weeks/months.. Going to 3 full meals a day.. just grose, ick. Too much food. I dont like eating much.

I might have writen about this in past weblog entries from a year ago, or suchlike.. But ill write about it again.. The common mentality among my grandparents is to try to eat everything that is served, to not have any left overs.. It's probably sort of reminiscient of a war-mentality. My grandparents grew up before and during World War II, and even though Switzerland was not at war, imports were still limited, and i suppose food was rationed, or worthied more.. This sort of mentality seemed to have perpetuated itself into the present. Other more younger relatives dont have the same mentality, but both my grandparents, on both sides of the family sort of do.. My reason as to why is speculative, though.

Heh.. On tv right, now.. On about 4 out of around 30 basic cable channels, they are airing football, or rather, soccer matches. Woo! Soccer! Sports! Horray! Yeh, im not much a sports fan. Random, yes.

I was watching the news earlier and heard, again, about Bush, Iraq, and Turkey. Bush wants Turkey's help, and Turkey want's into the EU, so Bush and Turkey are holding talks. So, what exactly does Bush and the U.S.A. have to say in the EU? If i recall correctly EU stands for European Union. Lets take a close look at that. European Union. Mkay, now, Mr. Bush.. Last i checked, the U.S.A. (that would be the country your the president of, btw) is located on this part of Earth, a continent, called North America. Europe is its own continent. The U.S.A. is not in the European continent, therefore not in Europe. Now, it's the EU, European Union.. Not the AU, American Union, and also not the ACEU, American Controlled European Union, because that would be stupid and you need to go away now. *ahem*


I feel kind of out-of-wack, so to speak. I'm kind of.. Dazzed and confused without any drugs. When i woke up this morning, i was really dizzy. I don't recall being as dizzy as i was this morning before. It was kind of trippy, but it was hard to get out of bed and to walk.. I've also kind of been really tired, without really being tired. It's kind of confusing to describe.. Heh, I didn't have this much trouble with jet lag last year, or the year before.. heh, hopefully soon all will be a-okay again.

Well then, I think that soon ill call it a day, and head off to sleepy-land..
Posted by marwin @ 12:49, July 02, 2004
heh I like your criticing. EU = European Union Bush stay at your country please. You are not the one who tells us what to do!