English poem stinky. ja..
Published Thursday February 21st, 2002

well then.. today.. blek.. yes, thats right.. today was blek...

Hrm... i got home and my computer was being stupid.. in fact it still is being stupid... just before it died.. i think the BIOS or CPU's are being stupid or soemthing.. i dunno, all i know is that it randomly freezes... and... completely.. not jsut something crashes.. freezes on like the hardware level... ugh.. its really annoying.. i got so mad when i got home and shit didnt work.. ugh... so i just went to bed.. haha... excelent.. always bed.. hrm.. morrow i have another class at Moorpark.. fun fun... better get a nap before i go.. as.. its almost 12 over here.. heh.... Hrm.. i also had to finish some english homewok crap.. yes... fun fun.. not? hrm.. anyways... thats what ive been doing for the past few hours.. much fun.. and its sucks too.. i cant write essays and do anythign with writing for shit... take a gander:::

Posted by annie @ 03:46, August 15, 2006
thanks so much for this, it helped me heaps =)