Index: October: Month of Travel
Published Thursday November 18th, 2004

This entry acts as an index to all of the entries I wrote during the month of October during which I was traveling around in Germany and Greece. Every entry writen between October 2nd and November 3rd, 2004, was writen by hand with a pen in a notebook and later typed for this weblog.

During October 2nd and November 3rd, 2004, I took approximately 4600 photographs. Roughly 1600 in Germany, and 3000 in Greece. 225 were selected to be inserted chronologically through the entries from Germany, and 383 from Greece. In total, there are 608 photographs in the 19 entries writen between October 2nd and November 3rd, 2004. It took approximately a total of 30-40 hours to type the entries, select 608 photographs, writing scripts to help speed up photo insertion, and finally inserting the photographs into the entries. I hope that some of the entries are read as well as just photographs seen. If you care to only view the photographs, then you may do so here for Germany and here for Greece. These are pages of all of the photos for those who just care to see all the photos. If you don't want 225 and 383 photos on one page at once, read the entries.

Finally, the individual index pages for Germany and Greece are linked to below. Use these pages as an overview to their respective entries. Note that many entries have a lot of photographs in them and that patience should be practiced while the pages load. Enjoy!
October 2nd - October 11th, 2004Entries Index: Germany
October 16th - November 3rd, 2004Entries Index: Greece
Posted by chris @ 19:06, November 19, 2004
hey marco, i really like your new website design, it's a great improvement. keep enjoying the swiss

Posted by Marco @ 16:10, November 20, 2004
Thanks! I have to agree! :)

Posted by wolv @ 04:40, November 21, 2004
Hi, just want to visit you site. what is that "You're browser is a pile of shit"!!. No it's not, i use opera! Hmm, i have just noticed that this website doesn't render right in opera. the name and website field disappear. i have to use "user mode" to post this. Anyways, nice layout? or i thought so since it doesn't render right in my browser :)

Posted by Marco @ 13:31, November 21, 2004
Hrm.. the "You're browser is a pile of shit" was targeted at users of Explorer.. I don't even have Opera.. so.. im not sure i could test this layout in that browser... A s long as opera supports layers.. then.. it... technically.. SHOULD work... but... browsers will be browsers and interpret and implement css and html in whatever way they see fit... *ugh* .. heh.. thanks, though.. :)

Posted by Samuraid @ 20:47, November 21, 2004
Heh...good thing I'm using Firefox now.