Motivation at a high
Published Sunday September 23rd, 2001

Laa dee doo! why hello there... Nothing much new here... just... i got 2 cd's i ordered a while ago on friday.... yey.... Blank & Jones - In Da Mix and Darude - before the storm.... fun fun! indeed, so.... hm, anyways. and.. since friday at about 1700 i have been programing my little brain out.... ive been tasking on Lister... I rewrite the entire system's structure from scrach, the login proccess, and altered almost everything, and now the whole thing flows sooo nicely... ahh.. so nice... But i am SO far away from done... i realized that today.. wow.... i have so much more to do... it's insane... and the weekend is over, and school will come again to destroy my motivation to do anything but sit.... grrr... i hate school.. such a waste of my time... i could be putting my time to usefull tasks like coding or something. but.. nooo instead i have to sit in wastefull school, half of the time is wasted waiting on other students the other on teachers, and more on breaks and useless classes such as physical education... I alos have some stupid term paper due sometime soon for english/history grrr... stupid... i disslike school work.... because they suck 7 hrs of my day away to waste my time, and then, they give me work to do to waste more of my time that they werent able to waste at school all i have to say is !@#$ those !@#$%^& !@#$%^& !@#$%^*$ *ahem* anyways! that felt good! hm.. ok well then.. laa dee doo... listening to music.. sitting here its 0242.. fun fun... hm.... yep.... Lister... Lister lister thats the one! Free for me? for everyone! When you need it, its right there; But dont complain cause I dont care! laa dee doo dee doo daa dey dee doo daa daa dee doo dee dey! *taps feet to music playing* hmm.... de dum.. ok, i think i better make closure to this post before it becomes anymore pointless then it already is, shall we!? Indeed we shall! everyone sleep well out there! =)