A Pattern I Might Like
Published Thursday March 8th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to William Orbit, feeling bland.

Ah, yes! Let's start writing a blog posting at 23:50. Brilliant idea, Marco. Oh well.

For the past few weeks now, every Tuesday and Thursday I have been getting a sandwich from Jersey Mike's Subs over by the Paseo shopping mall behind Trader Joe's. I've gone so frequently now, those who work there know exactly what I want. "Ah! You! Mini Number Thirteen on white with no cheese, right?" There's something oddly comforting in that, and it's something I've always sort of wanted to possess.

It might sound odd, but one day I'd like to wake up in my flat located in a sky-scrapper with outward facing area of my apartment consisting of one giant window. I'll make my way down to street level and perhaps stop by a deli or bakery which I frequent every morning on my way to work. They'll know me there by name because I've stopped by so many times, and I'll have even chatted with the owner. Perhaps for lunch I might swing by a sandwich shop I also frequent and they'll know exactly what I want. On some nights I might go to my preferred local pub where the bar tender will know exactly what I'd like to drink. Maybe I'll have a running tab and pay it once a month.

For me, there is something comforting in the notion that I might visit the same places over and over and be recognized as doing so by those people at the places I might re-frequent. Perhaps the low-key recognition is comforting. I live my life, and you Sir Bakery Man live your own life, but at this one point in both our days our paths cross and we exchange brief pleasantries as you allow me to make a purchase from you. We both know you'll be there to make the sale, and we both know I'll be there to make the purchase. A symbiotic relationship of sorts.

I rather dislike the almost unavoidable patterns in my daily routine, but to the contrary, the aforementioned pattern seems rather delightful. I don't know.. This idea came up in a conversation I had with The Jesse Orosco while enjoying dinner with him at Snapper Jack's..

Ahh, silly me.. An undercooked entry I have written.. But, alas.. I must retire for tomorrow is a day of both work and non-educating classes...

Posted by The fatty @ 20:33, March 09, 2007
repetition is not necessarily bad and i agree that there is definitely comfort in people in the retail sector knowing what you like. believe me, and it sounds stupid/cheesy/whatever, but on the other side of the counter it is comforting too. we know who you are and are either afraid, or more likely happy to see you sicne you are a familiar face. *shrug* it all goes, in my opinion, back to the whole idea of it's nice to feel known by somebody in some slight way cause no one (theoretically) wants to be or feel invisible