yumi yumi
Published Monday July 24th, 2006 via a mobile phone.

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Its my grandma after eating dinner at a very good chinese restaurant in germany. Yep yep. I shall return round and fatty upon my arrival in california, a return which must take place unfortunately.. Oh well.
Posted by chris @ 18:43, July 24, 2006
today's google ad was for "arbonne swiss skin care". when does your fattiness get home anyway?

Posted by The fatty @ 20:57, July 25, 2006
hahahaha, fatty and fatty is what we shall have to be called ey? like you could ever be fat, pstch. that would be funny though. heh, chinese... havn't had chinese recently, but i had good sushi twice in SD, at Tokyo house and at Chopsticks, yummy yummy!