Published Tuesday March 19th, 2002

Hrm, well then.. oooo, look at the name map, aint it prety... i sure think it is.. hrm.. well then.. Epiar 0.15 might be delayed another week as we really dont have much to release so far.. so, we're thinking about holding off on 0.15.. yep... but the nav map looks nice, dont you think? i sure do. well then. nothhing much new...
Last saturday i went and saw Resident Evil with mike and grant.. it was cool.. nice little sci fi movie based off of a game, i liked it... Hrm, yep.. anyways... what else.. i dont really know.. monday.. school.. nothing much there. like usual.. uh.. i cant remember if anything important has happened.. ill assume not.. heh.... oh! i know what i did doo! now outputs xml data and i made a little parser and now.. i can parse any xml file (in particular epiar.sf.nets output) and now i can get epiar headlines and such.. lalala, im xml litterate now, lol.. it .. was as easy as sql, lol.. hrm.. anyways.. yea, good fun stuff... laa dee doo...
oh! i got more mp3s.. lol.. yea.. heres a list of that i got...

push - tranzy state of mind 2002 (club mix).mp3
xstasia - Sweetness (Michael Woods Remix).mp3
Marc Aurel - running (dumonde remix).mp3
the traveller and in motion - believe (minimalistix remix).mp3
forbidden planet - Holding On 2 U (Original mix).mp3
nexus - Delorix (Airhead remix).mp3
woody van eyden - Together (M.O.R.P.H. Mix).mp3
lee james - Tactics.mp3
paul oakenfold - underworld.mp3
paul van dyk - Future Trance Vol. 14 CD 1 (Radio Mix).mp3
red devil - proximity.mp3
deepsky - Jareth's Church (Cass & Slide Mix).mp3
lazard - 4 O'clock In The Morning (DJ's @ Work Mix).mp3
members of mayday - Future Trance Vol.16 CD1.mp3
dj snowman - Liquid.mp3
mark oh - Tears dont Lie 2002 (DJ`s @ Work Remix).mp3
dj snowman - outer space.mp3
dj snowman - Goliath Vs Evolution 2000.mp3
dj snowman - Skydiver (Pulsedriver remix).mp3
dj snowman - evolution theme.mp3
dj snowman - Live at Energy.mp3
perpetuous dreamer - Dajiro's Deep Dub.mp3
dj snowman - Trancecore Project.mp3
dj snowman - Eternity Forever.mp3
dj snowman - Waves (original mix).mp3
dj snowman presents nah lin - dream culture (dj mind x rmx).mp3
dj snowman - Gate To Heaven.mp3
dj snowman - 07 20 01.mp3
perpetuous dreamer - above and beyond.mp3
DJ Dumonde - Tranquility.mp3
deep dance - Deep Club 21 Dance Mission 3 Full Cd.mp3
Future Sound of Trance - Vol 18 cd1.mp3.temp
C L U B - club 21 dance mission vol.5 full cd.mp3
Deep Club 21 Dance Mission - 1 Full cd.mp3
hard attack - Club 21.mp3

spiffy thinks you not? i sure do.. anyways.. i think thats it for today.. oh! countdown to spring break starts.. now! yes.. uhm... only.. uhm.. about 6 days of school till spring break.. yesssssssssssss......