Laa dee doo
Published Tuesday October 30th, 2001

Welp, another post.. hasnt been one in a while.. fun.. hm.. morrows holloween... fun, great.. yahoo and all... im going to a friends.. and.. thats it.... yea.. oh, and we're seeing 13 Ghosts or soemthing of the sort... fun.. hm.. today, there was a power surge or somewhatnot and my servers ('s) power supply blew up (not literaly) and.. was down for about an hour or so.... which sucks.. cuz. i dont like when is down.. which it never is... so yea.. hm... yup.... today it rained... yesss, i love the rain.. during pe... i ran around in the rain like a little kid.. fun fun.. have i mentioned that i love the rain? yep! rain is good! very good, utmost excelent! wheeee! uhh.. ok.. uhm... hm.. yea... well then, uhm.. yep, nothing much new.. Lister not coming along very well right now.. infact.. i havent done anything on it since last weekend, which sucks.... and, yep... thats that.. and, yea... fun.. anyways.. yea.. till next post! Hm, why looky here, its me in my 1st period (0 period, tech lab) in school! I love that class! (I hate all my other classes.)