20 days to rant in safety
Published Tuesday November 30th, 2004

November has come and gone all too quickly. It seems as though just yesterday I had returned back home to Switzerland from Greece. Instead, a month has passed by in a flash and now I can begin the countdown to my return to California starting at 20 days till. *cries*

A week has passed since I last wrote an entry like this, and not a whole incredible amount of interesting, exciting things have happened. On Sunday I joined my grandparents as they went to visit the youngest brother of my grandmother. In the evening we went and visited my great-grandmother. Both was enjoyable.

Throughout the week I have been working on and uploading the final photographs to be turned into prints. Now all I have remaining to work on from Greece as far as photographs are a few panoramic photograph stitches, but I
Posted by Di @ 20:03, November 30, 2004
I know why you come back. Two words. Santa Barbara. And therefore, your UCSB Buddies too. w00t. Besides, us "les stupide americans" miss you.

Posted by Matt @ 14:37, December 02, 2004
like the icons!

Posted by Marco @ 15:13, December 02, 2004
Thanks :) Straight from art.gnome.org Icon's