Published Monday March 7th, 2005

Hrm.. Saturday was a good day.

I woke up, had a glass of milk and then went and shot an EI test with my sister Andrea. After returning home, I took a nap until I got a call from Matt at 16.17. I headed down to his house, and soon we were on our way with Bethany and Heather to the House of Blues in Anaheim. Traffic was so so and within 2 hours we were there. The concert was awesome and a lot of very fun energetic, moshing goodness. We saw Red Gun Radar, Powersurge, The Kinison, and Home Grown. My favourite was Powersurge. Before leaving Anaheim we stopped for food at the local In-n-Out. By 00.30 we were on our way back towards Camarillo. Driving home was nice. I love driving late at night when there is very little traffic and it is very dark.

I got home, took a shower and went to bed around 04.00.

Sunday rolled along.. And it was not as exciting as the day prior. I headed down to Chelsea's house and we then drove to Sav On to harass the employees in hopes of getting them fired. We failed, and soon I was at home again and Chelsea... who knows what she was doing.

I ate Fondu with my family for dinner, and at some point in time I headed down to Camarillo and went to Matt's house. We watched a movie called "Kaena: The Prohpecy" .. some weird random French/Canadian CGI movie with Kirsten Dunst as a voice actor. *wtf?* .. After the movie ended I went home.. and here I am.

Heh.. I classes start again later today. D'oh. First class of Photo 102 is at 16.45 until 19.00 later today. Goodie! My schedule for the next 7 weeks during my 2nd session at Brooks goes as follows: Monday and Thursday: PHO102 from 16.45 - 19.00. Tuesday and Thursday: English Composition 184 from 07.00-10.00 *Aaarrghhh*. 07.00! .. That means I have to be in Santa Barbara by 07.00 which means I get to get up at .. the latest.. 05.55. (which is when I'll be getting up.)

With the exception of Wednesday this week, I have every Wednesday and Friday off from school. Horrah! Now I'm looking for a job. job job job job job for money for my pocket... to buy stuff. ... stuff Stuff is good. Stuff is bad. Too much stuff is kind of sad.

Heh.. yea.. so.. with all of that said.. I think I'll go to sleep. Goodnight.

Today's random Quote: "I am going to collage so I can be an interior decorator. My Mom and grandma both are, and there businesses have both taken off. So I have grown up like around all that."

/me shits a brick. I'm a bastard.

--> You are now talking on #marco
oh god.
--- topher has changed the topic to: Marco - Yes or No?
your the OP of #marco.
definately Yes.
--- topher gives channel operator status to nungana
let us now discuss marco.
yes, let us.
i wish to discuss his position in relation with that of the sun.
he revolves around it, yes?
yes, i believe this is true
that is interesting because it implies perhaps that the sun is the center of marco's universe. most interesting.
* topher scratches his chin
but if it is marco's universe, is it not him who is the center? yes, most fascinating.
hrm.. no.. i definately disagee...
while Marco may be revolving around a sun
the center is still at Marco
the center is still Marco, not so much in terms of the actual definition of 'center' but more of an abstractation
you claim thusly that marco hence chooses to revolve around the sun? perhaps for amusement?
yes, perhaps
i shall need to conduct further research upon this form of entertainment.
yes, true indeed.
has thee posted to epiar.net about the elections status?
or shall i parttake in this most literary of tasks?
i do believe that i insist that you proceed personaly in said literary task.
indeed. i shall perhaps then use my tools of HTTP POST messages upon which i shall contact that of which you have titled luethy.net and perhaps partake in a slight addition to a base that is of data
I do believe the form will proceed with a GET.
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i got nothing... obligatory posting of a comment

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