first laa dee doo of March
Published Monday March 4th, 2002

Horrid little picture, but it serves its point. Don't you think? Hrm.. yes, well today i am in an especially pissy mood.. who at and why? well.. at microsoft.. and.. why? i belive that is obvious.... microsoft continues being stupi-... ok, im not even going to go into it or ill start getting even more mad and angry.... Hrm..
today i got my 4 books.. i read all afternoon and my moral and motivation was ultra high! Wheee!! Then, later it died when i read articles on zdnet conserning microsoft and whatnot... yea, but anyways.. i started re ading in my TCP/IP book and i reviewed in my Linux C programing book, tomorrow ill go into new stuff in the C programing book, but.. i doubt it will be something i have never encountered in my experiences with other languages... Hrm, once i complete these 2 books, im going to move on to my XML book.. im more and more becoming obsesed with XML and the spposed powers it bestows in me. I belive i may later add XML output to this archive system... why? i really dont have a clue, but i think it would be cool.. no? lol. I may also make a little quotes system where ppl can leave quotes, and where i may post quotes and then people can query the quotes from their pages and parse the XML to fit into their websites.... just, something cool and interesting to do to learn XML with... sound fun, no? Hrm.. Epiar, yes.. Epiar has been getting a lot of attention lately.. the 0.12 release was mentioned again on about 4 or so days ago, last friday or something. That was cool. The downloads wen through the roof and within 4 or less days we've had more then 300 downloads of the 0.12 release! Kickass, no? we are 136th highest project on at current time.. thats prety cool. We're allso the top project in our foundary Sidescrolling/arcade.. ITs very cool. But, i think we're going to decrease again because our light on is fading as we get pushed further and furhter down the main page. Hrm, school stinks like susual.. Today i turned in some big project for history .. some journal thing.. i didnt finish last night.. so.. i completed it this morning in 1st period germman.. the journal presentation sucks... insanely.... thats 20 pts gone right there.. hahaah... and today at home i found out that one of the entries was forgoten and not interted into the journal... woohoo! now im below journal quota... great... more points lost.. lol, ohwell i really dont give a shit.. i have my 4 new programing books and im going to concentrate on them, and nothing irrelevant such as school. I find my books are much more educational then a week at school, and im not just saying this, im serious. I wish i could stay home all day and read my books.. good old programing books... I think i learn best on my own.. trhough books, on subjects i have interest in... Cus, i dont really learn so well at school.. listening to teachers.. on some subject i could care a rats ass on. But, thats just me.. hrm... well then.. it is quite late and i should really be getting to bed, so.. till next post..