Sessions with Project Amaria - April 12th
Published Thursday April 12th, 2007 from work. Listening to Project Amaria - Session 2007-04-12, feeling neutral.

Matt's been in town for a few days on his Spring Break. We got together last night/this morning and mixed. Not our best, not our worst-perhaps just average. Here is the resulting set.

Like is typical, we switched off mixing-in tracks, each track (Matt mixed in a track, I mixed in the next track, Matt mixed in the track after that, I mixed in the track after that, etc.) The tracks played were picked by each DJ while the other was mixing-in. In other words, the set is not planned out one bit other than consecutive tracks matching each other musically and in style in the genre, or selected to possibly work well in the next mix-in.

Project Amaria - Sessions 2007-04-12.mp3
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Track Listing:

  1. Blank & Jones - Sound Of Machines (Technopunk Remix) [Initial]
  2. Cosmic Gate - Analog Feel (Rank 1's Digital Re-Hash) [Mixed in by Matt, aka DJ Vatek]
  3. Richard Durand - Slipping Away (Tec Mix) [Mixed in by me, aka Nungana]
  4. Purple Haze - Rush
  5. Juiz Electric vs DJ Katakis - African Beauty (Heatbeat Remix)
  6. Miller & Fijneman - San Andreas
  7. Substate - Release (Original Mix)
  8. Activa Presents Mekk - Twisted
  9. Acute - Exodus
  10. Vinylgroover & The Red Hed - Touch Me (Furious Mix)
  11. Visior & Dark Moon - Beautiful People (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
  12. Alex Bartlett - Amnesia (Push Remix)
  13. Chakra - Love Shines Through (Martin Roth's In Electro Love Dub Remix)
  14. J-Punch - Naughty (DJ Vatek Remix)
  15. Probspot - Blueberry (Peter Haze Very Berry Remix)
Posted by No Name @ 17:33, April 12, 2007
While I listened last night I couldn't help but feel very nostalgic in that I wasn't sitting on the carpet staring at lights on the garage ceiling or dancing by myself like a fool while you guys mixed. *sigh* Miss those times a lot, but I bet it was nice for you guys to not have the added distraction in the background. AT any rate, thanks for streaming, it was thoroughly enjoyable and now I shall listen again while housecleaning! Hoorah!