A 4 Day Weekend in the Bay
Published Friday April 6th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Shpongle, feeling pretty good, but has an annoying cough.

Video of Electro-Techno-Disco Pop 2007 taken with my phone. Enjoy the glorious sound quality.

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This entry has been rather delayed the past few days as I've been implementing a new flash player and made some blogging system upgrades to streamline and simplify the inclusion of content like videos and pictures in entries while I was writing this entry.

Ahh.. Sooooo..

This past Friday March 20th, I drove up to Hayward, CA in the Bay area near San Francisco with Abby to go visit Matt and Chelsea. A rather enjoyable experience. In comparison to LA and Ventura County, I rather fancy the Bay area.. Although Hayward itself was nothing particularly spectacular. However, the rolling hills were green instead of dry and brown! Probably one of the major reasons why I liked it there. I hate the dryness of Southern California..

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The Main/Trance dance-floor during the first hour at Electro-Techno-Disco POP. More ETD POP pictures.

Saturday night we drove to downtown San Francisco to go to Electro-Techno-Disco POP 2007 in the Civic Center right across from SF City Hall. We had some difficulty finding parking that didn't close at midnight or 0200 in the morning, but eventually we managed to find a 24/hr parking garage. Thankfully we didn't have to wait in line at all to get into the venue! Hooray for GrooveTickets! The highlights of the evening for me were seeing Benny Benassi (YouTube: 1, 2, 3) and the live performance by Infected Mushroom (YouTube: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) both of whom absolutely tore up the dance floor.

Perhaps my most favourite act of all time so far was that of Benny Benassi (you know, the "Satisfaction" and "Who's Your Daddy?" guy?) An hour and some of gritty, hard bass and saws that shook the room with absurd intensity and a beat no one could resist dancing too. The last act of the night was by Infected Mushroom who, as they usually do, performed live. There's nothing quite like seeing a live performance of Trance music. The drummer drumming away on his digital/electronic drums, while the bass line is provided by a guitarist, accompanied by a guy on a keyboard and a singer who sings lyrics in a mix of Hebrew (as Infected Mushroom are from Israel), English, and other languages. I'm pretty floored to have seen both live! I never thought I'd see Benny Benassi live. Hah! Am I glad I did! Hopefully I'll be able to see Infected Mushroom again at EDC in the summer.

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Matt and Abby walking around in Buena Vista Park in San Francisco. Additional photos from the weekend, and then some..

At around 4 in the morning we left and walked through downtown San Francisco back to the parking garage a few blocks away. Rolled back to Matt and Chelseas' apartment, showered, ate, watched some T.V. and eventually fell asleep at around 0700.

We went to Berkely later Sunday afternoon via the BART and strolled around. Monday we took the BART to San Francisco and strolled on and around Haight Street where we also received Free Hugs from random people who were distributing them. Ha ha. San Francisco is awesome. In the evening we went to an upscale, fancy Peruvian restaurant Limón's for dinner where the food was gloriously delicious.

Abby and I headed back towards Camarillo Tuesday afternoon and concluded our trip at around 2130.. And thusly everything is back to the same old same old.


At work we have a new employee who started on Monday. Hopefully she'll be able to lessen the burden on Brian and myself such that we can work on some other projects besides just customer support stuff.

I'm running out of steam on writing this entry.. So much more I could write about, but so very little motivation to write it. I need to write one of those entries that are a little more involved and better written than these time-line this-happened-and-then-this entries.. But I've said this in quite a number of recently past entries already.. So much to do, so little time and motivation. My 4 day weekend was very nice, but way too short. I feel nostalgic and want to relive it.

Ahhh.. and so I conclude this entry.

Posted by Chris @ 16:30, April 06, 2007
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Posted by Marco @ 17:44, April 06, 2007
And you clicked it, of course?

Posted by No Name @ 21:18, April 11, 2007
Marco!!!! I miss you and Abby so much! COme backkkk!!!! But we'll be back home soon enough I am sure you've heard. Anyways, I thought that your line about Benny Benassi as the Satisfaction/WHo's Your Daddy was funny because that is exactly what I wrote to Heather Wills yesterday in telling her about our weekend and how stoked I was to see Benassi. YEeeeeeeAaaaayyyyy!!!!!