Week of Birthday
Published Sunday January 11th, 2004

Heh.. whaddya know.. a week of school passes, a weekend ends, and here i am making another sunday night blog entry... Fascinating. Yeh... so.... a boring review, maybe?

Sunday evening i went out with an old friend of mine, Rachel.. We had dinner and saw Lost in Translation (which i rather liked- I like indie films.).. and between we did a good amount of talking and catching up type stuff... That was rather fun. She's an inspiring person, i think...

Anyway, monday.. yea.. school... loads of fun that was, i tellya.. oh yes... indeed... overwhelming loads of just plain, and simply exciting fun.. you have no idea.. oh yes... no clue how exciting, fascinating and interesting it was.. i really.. just.. wow.... yea..... ...... Yea, okay im done with that. I hate school, is basically what i am getting at.

Wednesday kate and i went to borders and bought some French language learning books.. As we plan on learning french every wednesday... heh.. that'll be good..

Thursday Isaac came over here and he showed me some things on a guitar... in turn i did the same on the piano... was good... Isaac is one of those people i hold in high regard. Heh, yea.

Friday i took a nap after getting home from school, and then later on we went out to go eat dinner at Quiznos. We then went to mikes house where we flirted with each other as a group. Was fun. Got home at around 00:20 or so.

Saturday, i went with my dad and tyson to a camera store in canoga. Tyson came along to hitch a ride as he was looking to buy something as well. We got there, and the guy said that they had run out of Canon 10D body kits.. whichs.. was a major bummer because i planed quite a few things around me getting the camera and lens. Tyson called all over the place to find a body, but apparently no one had one within a 50 mile radius.. Sucked. When tyson got home, he looked online at the canoga camera's website and apparently they still had some in stock, which is what the guy on the phone said when tyson called contradicting the guy in the store... Heh, whatever. So, sometime in the next week i'll be making another trip there to actually get my lovely camera/baby. Heh... Yea. That sucked. I wish i had it now. I was planing to go try out a shot i had in mind saturday evening. One of those street shots with car headlights blurred togheter. Then, this wednesday i was going to go to Rose Valley and take some shots of moving water/waterfalls with a longer then normal exposure time. Oh well, i shall have to wait till another time to do so. I can't wait! In the evening i went with my family to go eat dinner at the Soup Plantation.. i hate that place. Hate it. disgusting.. heh... After, i went with my Dad, Andrea and Anna to go see The Return of the King for the 3rd time (it was their first). It was still excellent the 3rd time.. wooo! While at edwards i saw Adam, who was working there for his first day on the job.

Sunday, my runny nose gave my a headache and i just sort of sat around the house all day playing around with transcode some, watching some family guy and uhm, taking a nap. Then, evening i was planning to go to kates house to watch alias, but that didnt happen and instead i watched Alias here with my dad... Heh.. Ah! can't forget.. I also made a resume today, which i sent off to 2 random places i saw in the classified ads or whatever in the newspaper.. I also saw this ad for Movie Extras.. Im going to call the number tomorrow.. Haha, im sure they're looking for a 5'11" white male with foot-long dark hair, right? lol, easy cash for doing nothing: sounds like my kind of job. Doubtful if ill get any of these jobs, but oh well, ill keep trying till i find one.

Well then, this wednesday is my birthday! I shall be turning 18! Wooo! I'm quite excited. I can register to vote, in switzerland! Oh yea! lol.

images of mars

Feels so odd.. the robot.. sitting there.. so alive, yet not.. taking photos.. looking around.. waking up... so odd.
Seeing the photos, looking at them, i am left with the oddest feeling of awe. I cant quite wrap my mind around it, its just too fascinating for me. I view the horizon, and scan back down towards the rocks on the ground and contemplate, thinking wow, these are photos from a planet incredibly far away and i just cant fatom it. Its simple amazing and could bring tears to my eyes. Its a beautiful thing, i think. I dunno, i cant quite describe how i feel when i see these photos, images from Mars. It was the same with Pathfinder back in '97. heh...

Ah, so mike has gotten into the transcode rave! Yea, so he ripped the math from DVD::RIP to calculate various things concerned with video, and i turned it into this script. In the end its going to make itself apart of my Nautilus-script's Video Conversion script thingo. However, i have yet to throw it all togheter into one final script. Ah, but when it's done things will be oodles of fun to convert from type A to B! I think im rambling.

I wonder what else i could ramble about. I could ramble about a few things.. Ah, but what to really ramble about. Maybe my plans for this year. My supposed plans, as i find them ideal as of this time. Well, first of all.. i'd like to get a job to make some money. I'd like to have money because money would be required for my plans in the 2nd half of the year. When im not working, id like to be somewhere, some place taking photographs. One place id like to go and explore/hike/photograph are the catalina/channel islands... Anyways.. durning the summer... A bunch of my friends and i, namely, thus far: Tyson, Raymond, Kate, Mike, possibly Adam and Wes, and I are going to go to switzerland.. That'll be fun... and, im thinking that ... I'm just going to stay there for the rest of the year. Take a break from school, from everything.. or whatever, then in 2005 come back and go to college.. namely Brooks Inst. of Photography. Being in europe for half a year, i would travel.. and go about taking photographs.. Thus, i'd like a place to store all my photos, and have the ability to edit them.. and this is where my money id be making at my job would come in.. a cheap laptop, and then travel expenses. I would probably also be getting a job in switzerland to work for some money as well. Heh.... But, this is my ideal plan. Things could very well change.. be altered.. ammended.. whatever. All i know is that i'm sick and tired of high school, and i want it to be summer.

Yeah, well that was a lovely little rant/explanation or whatever you might wish to call it...

A little rant i had last sunday evening in #epiar irc channel... heh.

<arke> nungana: your grades don't mean much!? eh!?
<nungana> no
<arke> how so!?
<nungana> because i don't share your mindset.
<arke> ....
<arke> no, serisouly
<arke> there's gotta be some good reason.
<arke> I got two...
<nungana> im not looking for some excellent college... some high prestige school...
<nungana> i want to be free... i want to travel the world.. i want to photograph the things i see
<nungana> i want to sit on a rock high in the himalayans and smoke some weed as i write philosophical jibber jabber onto paper
* TyrannicalTulip is glad to know nungana
<TyrannicalTulip> yes that is the life...
<arke> short term: don't want evil parents to take away computer
<arke> long term: wanna get into TU Darmstadtr
<nungana> short term: don't care.
<nungana> long term: the fuck outta here.
<arke> nungana: ....... wow, i thought all this time I knew you a little ... it turns out i don't know you at all......
<nungana> i don't think too many people really know me
<arke> seems o.
<arke> so*
<nungana> im not sure i really know myself
<arke> Yeah.
<TyrannicalTulip> I very much share your views about myself....
<TyrannicalTulip> yeah for self exploration
<arke> I thought you wanted to grow up to code PHP for the rest of your life, then be a phototgrapher as more of a hobby.
<TyrannicalTulip> lol
<nungana> im really not into computers anymore
<nungana> or.. rather.. programing
<TyrannicalTulip> oh and nungana I will eventually like to know which lens you settle on
<nungana> i think im getting the 24-70mm f2.8L USM
<nungana> any input/suggestions/comments?
* arke tries to compare today's marco to the marco from about 2 years ago...
<nungana> arke: much different
<TyrannicalTulip> no I love it....tis why I got it aswell
<nungana> oh, its the same you havE?
<TyrannicalTulip> but was secretly wishing for something else so I could mooch off of ya..
<TyrannicalTulip> lol
<nungana> meh.. now i feel bad... taking your camera and lens..
<arke> nungana: yes, indeed.
<arke> nungana: did I change, or am I still the same stupid under-educated annoying kid? :P
<nungana> and, i just get it for a present.. you had to work your ass off for it all summer long
<TyrannicalTulip> no no
<TyrannicalTulip> I really want you to get it..
<nungana> arke: as far as annoying, this you can definately succeed at, you do seem less wana-be, backseat coder ish...
<eclipse> we should all go some place
<eclipse> i'm getting my digital camera soon too
<eclipse> boy i've been saving up
<TyrannicalTulip> means more expeditions..
<nungana> yea.... i feel kind of bad for Kate
<eclipse> come on we've all got our cameras... we should all just go somewhere cool
<eclipse> why?
<nungana> i want to go on all sorts of outings
<arke> nungana: ^___^
<eclipse> hrm yeah...
<nungana> that's a change i want.. i want to go places. even if their realtively local. i want to go.
<eclipse> hrm
<eclipse> and I want to live more...
<nungana> and, i want to do some of that going places by myself
<eclipse> perhaps we actually do something about this
<eclipse> yeah that's always good too
<eclipse> I'm going to go take a trip through the ojai pass again
<nungana> because i love being by myself, and i love being with people
<arke> being by yourself is neat ... been by myself alot this week, my first week of drivers license ... i really enjoy it.
* arke tends to like onnly being around certain people.
<TyrannicalTulip> that is one of the reasons I really love the night
<nungana> TyrannicalTulip: exactly
<arke> nobody nagging you to do stuff ^___^
<eclipse> speak for yourselves
<TyrannicalTulip> I can go outside...everyone is asleep and just see the world by myself
<eclipse> my parents bitch at me till 3 am
<arke> eclipse: :(
<eclipse> I can't have a good life until I goto college
<arke> College will be great.
<nungana> eclipse: you really do need to do something about that. talk to your parents, stand them up, something... its always so demotivating, depressing to hear you, hear you speak of your parents in such ill light... understandably the same is probably felt by you, just of my parents.. and.. well.. how they don't really care.... jealousy and depression... i don't know...
<arke> I'll finally be "at home" again.............
<TyrannicalTulip> well one pos. about that lens nungana IS we can share lens filters...
<nungana> i like shoting into the sun, so i think im gona get a filter to remove flares
<TyrannicalTulip> is there such a thing?
<eclipse> I don't have the money to afford an SLR
* arke has the feeling nungana is massively rich....
<eclipse> and lenses
<eclipse> and more
<nungana> or, well.. not into the sun, but... yea, sun in the shot
<arke> ^__^
<TyrannicalTulip> http://homepage.mac.com/yabergs4/PhotoAlbum34.html
<TyrannicalTulip> yeah the top left was taken without a filter
<TyrannicalTulip> it does fine by itself
<TyrannicalTulip> if you are lucky
<TyrannicalTulip> lol
<eclipse> nungana: in response to your comment about parents... do you have parents that would kick you out and prevent you from affording college if you don't bow to their whims?
<arke> TyrannicalTulip: are you tanner's brother?
<TyrannicalTulip> yes
<arke> aah, ok, that explains alot then ^_^
<nungana> eclipse: i don't klnow.. i dunno.. just that concept to me seems really fucked up
<arke> nungana: he's not the only one :(
<eclipse> nungana: seems fucked up cause you've got cool parents
<nungana> eclipse: and i can't grasp it either.
<nungana> i don't understand what would posses them to be the way you make them sound, and respectively, probably are
<arke> nungana: sometimes I think they wouldn't do it, they just threaten it, sometimes I think they really would do it if confronted as such, either way, I don't want to risk it. And I don't want to lose my computer.
<TyrannicalTulip> yea my parents are fucked up but I see the good in 'em and blow off the shit they give me..
<eclipse> nungana: power hungry, teaching me about "real world"
<eclipse> well.. there's also the disaspointment that i'm not max
<nungana> yes, but its such bullshit
* arke agrees with TyrannicalTulip
<nungana> i don't understand
<eclipse> you think I do?
<nungana> it upsets me
<eclipse> and I have to put up with it...
<eclipse> my home is my 2nd least favourite place in the world
<eclipse> right after school
<eclipse> I try to go away all I can but then they just get more pissed
<arke> I don't live at home, in that sense.
<arke> I try to either go away, or keep to myself.
<arke> When I keep to myself, they might as well think I don't exist.

And, how about a random comment:

<nungana> i hate being included in generalizations im not appart of
<chicafantastica> that's a rather unique pet peeve
* nungana shrugs

And, thus ends this entry... tada...