New Years Rolled By
Published Thursday January 4th, 2007 from work at Omniupdate. Listening to DJ Chris - The Senescent Spectacle Episode 01 - "2006" Live on KDVS, feeling pretty good.

Some clips of Together As One 2007 from my phone. Ahhh nostalgia..

I rolled into 2007 without really realizing 2006 was over. Why is there such an emphasis on the change of year? Who cares? Oh well-A reason to party.

My oh my has it been a crazy past few days. I find it interesting that in my life, the crazy times come in bursts and are separated by a great deal of padding. The times come and in their wake, I am left wondering.. What next? I think I'm getting a cold.

On new years eve I joined Cory, Abby, Isaac, Cory's sister Katie, Katies boyfriend, Matt, Chelsea, Gem, Gem's friend Aaron and Mike as we all went to Together As One 2007 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. A night of lots of fun ensued until the party ended at 04.30 in the morning. As we walked back to our cars I saw Paul van Dyk getting into some waiting Escalade, talking to some people right across the road from where I was walking. He mumbled something to some person into their walkie talkie that random person was holding. It was somewhat amusing. Paul van Dyk seemed pretttttyyy messed up. Ha ha! Moreover, no one seemed to recognize him. I now wish I had walked up to him and said hey or something cheesy, but at the time it didn't cross my mind at all.

Last night I stayed at worked until 20h, then went and visited Mallory and her boyfriend Brian with Isaac and Abby. We watched some rather odd, but rather amusing movie from the 70ties called, "Is There Sex After Death?" Raaanddom movie, but pretty funny.. Especially the Sex Olympics. Ahhhh. Good stuff.

Hm.. You'd think I would have more to say.. Perhaps later when I'm at home and don't have so much work-stuff on my mind. This entry feels rather incomplete.

Posted by Thousand Oaks Mobile Notary @ 13:08, January 09, 2007
I know the feeling--the New Year doesn't feel much different than the old.