... and the days drag on ...
Published Monday February 16th, 2004

So, it appears to be time for another blog entry/posting/whatever someone might call these texts (which, have been on-going since 2000, might i boast). So, ill go through the usual routine, the boring rundown of things which have occured in the past week.

I'd start off with Monday, heck, even tuesday, or wednesday, or thursday, but i dont quite recall what i did on any of those days, and i didnt write myself any little notes in gedit to remind myself, so i guess we're all at a horrible loss.

Sometime during the week, i got a check from google for the random ads found on the left of this site. A woping $7.45... woo! Lol, im not complaining. $7.45 for doing nothing is pretty good. $100 would be better, but... well, $7.45 is just dandy. Enough about my $7.45 check from google..

Friday i went home at around 1100 in the morning... Rally schedule at school, wasnt really in the mood to attend, so home was the most logical alternative. No? Got home, and slept untill something like 1330 at which time Wes came over and we made reservations for our little snowboarding/skiing trip next week. Sunday-Monday. woo, missing school, all 4 hours that i'm there. I might add, i love my 2nd semester class schedule.

Mike came over, and after Wes left, we went driving around in the manual honda civic to practice our leet stick skillzzzz. *sarcasm* It was fun. After that, we drove around in an automatic, down PCH and through malibu canyon. We called up Tyson, who was at Dianne's house, so we joined them and shortly there after left to go to some mexican restaurant in old town camarillo. The food was good, but, way too much for me to finish. lol. Mike, amazingly enough *not* was able to finish his entire burito. I, however, failed miserably about 3/5 way through. *sob* We spent the rest of the evening at Mike's house, and, i got home at just around 0100..

Saturday... saturday.. hrm.. oh! yes. Mike came over, and, we played some gamecube on the tv in the guest house. Was fun... Later in the evening Kate, Mike and I went to some pseudo italian restaurant in newbury park. was okay. I had a headache, and got a ride home. I then slept for 2 hours untill 2330ish, watched SNL, then, continued to sleep untill the next morning, or, afternoon.. just about 1300ish.. Woo-hoo. How exciting.

I spent sunday watching things on the big screen tv from my dads laptop. Various comedy clips, and my dad and i watched Once Upon A Time in Mexico. Good fun.. woo-hoo. Over all, a relaxing, laid back Sunday which i enjoyed. And, here i am. Writing this entry.

I must say, i have been watching a whole bunch of tv lately. Specificaly the History Channel. mmmm, i love the History Channel. I cant get enought history. Im obsessed. Uh-oh. lol. More! More! i want more! I hate those stupid reality shows on the Discovery Channels. Trading spaces, that one biker shop show, miscelaneous others... What a waste of quality documentary show time... argh! Away with reality tv! Put it all on one or, 10 channels, so that i can remove them all from my channel listings and no longer need dealing with them. Heh, oh well, i suppose i can just pretend they dont exist. Wait, no i cant. They're everywhere. D'oh. I'll live.

Hrm, its worth mentioning that i've updated the Photo Gallery's database to reflect additional images ive added. Uhm, yep.

Lately, i feel like ive been contemplating so many things. My mind is in, for the lack of a better cliche, overdrive.. My thought process .... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... heh. so many things to think about, so many things to... uhm.. think about more, to analyze, contemplate... yeh.. rabble rabble rabble, squak, squak, squak.

I bought Lost in Translation on DVD.. uhm... what else could i babble about.. Oh, i had some photos printed... Uhm.. I want to get myself to read some of the books laying around my room which i have been meaning to read for some time. That would be nice to accomplish. Its not as though i did not have the time. MWAHAHAHAHA! *ahem*

I dont have school today, Monday, it being presidents day or.. something. Dont know what i'll do later on today.. maybe drive some more stick with Mike..

As ive mentioned, this coming Sunday/Monday ill be up in Big Bear sliding down the slopes with Wes. 2 days after that, on the 25th, i believe, my grandparents are coming here for a while. That'll be cool. Always enjoy having them around.

Doo dee daa. Mike and i are having a conversation about the future at this moment.. Our plans, goals, and such.. heh... fun fun fun. Leaving out some details, mine go something as follows: Finish highschool... most likely stay in CH for half a year untill January, return to California in January and attend Brooks Institute of Photography, work a side job while going to Brooks and store away cash, get bachelors in photography or something of the like, and then, get the hell out of the USA, which would probably mean go on my dream travel, my ultimate goal... Travel the world. Once i do that.. uhm.. i'll have achieved my current goals. So uhm.. dunno what i'll want to do after that. Not live in the USA, thats for sure. But, probably not switzerland either.... But, these plans are reather speculative...

Meh, i wish i could write better, rather, i wish i had better writing abilities. I cant espress myself as well as i'd like, or form my thought and ideas into words. I have this great idea or though in my mind, and, when writen, its a crummy 5 words. Thats just rather disapointing. lol. I also believe i have a lot of mental capacity which i dont quite utilize to the fullest that i could... L-A-Z-Y, D'oh!

Lately, it seems as though everyone is talking about, or getting their wisdom teeth pulled/removed... The thought absolutely horrifies me. Doctors and dentists scare me more then most things i can think off. I haven't been to a dentist or a doctor for a long, long time. I like it better that way. They, as i've already said, terrify me to the point where i just feel obligated to piss my pants. I bet that, as soon as i'd see a dentist they'd find 12830913819038109 cavities, and then want to pull my wisdom teeth. Ignorance is bliss, and thus i will not find out. Additionally, im 18 so no one can make me.. Mwahaha!

Heh, anyways... What other lovely things could i ramble about? Mike is no longer responding in out once lovely conversation. I think i feel a slight headache, or tiredness coming on. Its been about 14 hours since i've last slept, so sleep would be quite acceptable, and i think sleep will be happening soon. Yes, i do believe so. I love sleep. I sleep a whole lot. Its good. Mmm.

Heh, yea... being awake has quickly become rather boring, i do believe i shall now call it a night, and go to bed, thus, off i go!
Posted by DiClare @ 18:23, February 17, 2004
I've had 8 teeth pulled. You start to get used to it. But hey, I suppose we can say I've had enough pulled for the both of us, ey?

Posted by Me @ 18:42, February 17, 2004
hey hey marco, im not at school... but the difference between you and me is... i have no idea whatsoever.