Monday: Ugh. School, no!
Published Monday February 10th, 2003

Hrm.. well then... well then.. well then... my wonderful 3 day weekend is over.. heh... over over it is over.... yes, indeed.. its over. ... basicaly said.... ARGH!!! NO!!!! HMPH!!! ... School tomorrow, again. more and more... and more.... and more and more and more and more and more... more..... and some more... and... moore and..... yet more and.. more and more and and anad anad and....
at least i have a minimum day this thursday and dont have school next monday.. yey yey yey... lol... heh... but, i have to make it all the way for another 4 days of school.. argh.
well.. then.. yesterday was the first time i went and drove by myself with my liscence.. lol, was fun.. i went to staples to buy a chair matt, then i went to radio shack and bought a male-male audio cable, and an extension... and THEN! i droped off a mouse pad at chris's.. and then.. i went home.. decided i wanted to take the back way up to my house, made a big uturn around town, headed towards somis, took a side road which is not really even a road... just.. a dirt path and went up to my house that way... lol, it was fun! heh.. then... in the evening i went to grants house and picked upa few dvd's... came home.. was going to do something with them but... apparently libdvdcss or libdvdread (im guessing libdvdcss) is messed up and any attempts to fix it failed.. so.. just like my gnome2.2 problem.. im sorta lost on what the hell is wrong and how to fix it.. wonderful.. quite wonderful really.. i insist.. heh
hrm..... yep.... tomorrow im going to be driving to school with my sister lol.. that'll be interesting.. wonder how that'll go... guess we'll find out, ey?.. yep well.. thats all i have to or feel like saying tonight..