Graduated from High School
Published Saturday June 19th, 2004

Heh, well.. how about another one.. Lets start this one off with some completely random photos from my last day of classes in high school.. They're more or less happy-snappy shots and if there was something to take a picture of, whether it was funny, or a worthwhile photo, and my camera was out.. I took the photo and here they are..

Jesse, Wes, Mr. Flynn, Adam and Jessica. Oh how we loved Mr. Flynn.. And by loved, i mean hated.

Same as above.

Same as Above

Dianne, Adam and Raymond.

Aww, look at her smile.

It's Jameliz Tores!

Betsy Valient.. Bask in the beauty.

James Chang!

James took this picture of me in English, 2nd Period..

Isn't his body just odd? It has the oddest shape which i spent much time staring at during his class just trying to figure out what was going on.


This is all they ever did during Econ, 1st period. That, and Wes slept.

It's Laura ..

It's Sarah ..

Wesley Waugh!

Fabian, German exchange student.

This was my costume in a German video project i had to do with Chris, Laura, Ruchi and so-forth.

Moving right along.. On Thursday.. Hrm, well, thursday was a very, very long day.. Or so it seemed. I got up at around 0815 for graduation practice which lasted untill 1040ish (from 0900).. Jesse and i car-pooled. Wooh! After this, we drove back to Jesse's and soon after left again and went to Jessica's.. We hung out a bit and then picked up Matt and went to the Salvation Army Thrift store.. After this, we had some food at Wendys. I was very tired. I had gotten up at 0815 after 6 hours or so of sleep. Jesse returned home, and Matt, Jessica and I went to my sister, Andrea's 8th grade graduation ceramony. It was rather long, and monatonous, and .. boring. I sat next to Daniela to my left, and Jessica to my right.. Wooh! Also got sunburnt.. At the end of the ceremony each graduating student was given a white flower which was to be given by the student to the person which inspired them the most, or they looked up to the most, or some such combination. Andrea gave her flower to me.. It now rests above my pillows. Aww.. *hugs Andrea* I love you. Heh.. And, Daniela.. you're not going to lose me. I'm coming back. I love you, too.

Heh.. After the ceremony Matt, Jessica and I went up to my house where i made a phone call to my Brooks Institute of PHotography representative about enrolment in January.. Fun, then i bought a rail-pass with my dad for Switzerland.. We dropped off Matt at his house at around 1645, and then Jessica and I ran some errands.. I needed to drop of various envelopes with gift certificates and graduation congradulation thingo-s from my mom off at people's houses.. I just dropped them off in people's mail-boxes.. Jessica needed to pick up and have film developed. After this, we got some smoothies, and returned to her house. I fell asleep, and when i woke up, Jesse and Matt were there, as well as Jessica. Jesse drove us around while the rest of us ate some taco bell. We went to some park, hung about, got attacked by June bugs and then left. We ended up at Target, where we hung about some more.. After this, we returned back to Jessica's house, and we eventually all went home..

June 18th, 2004 at 1400ish I, Marco Luethy, graduated from Adolfo Camarillo High School in Camarillo, California, USA. (34.2057, -118.9928)

Today was graduation from high school for me. Ha.. what a graduation it was.. My senior class is great.. No one cared.. As we marched down to the seating area we stopped numerous times.. the teachers were supposed to be up in front, but they were not.. It was amusing. Then, once we were all seated.. Most of the plans of when to stand and sit and how to leave were abandoned. Before we even started the ceremony, all the seniors had to meet in the gymn where they searched us before letting us in. They searched for bubbles, or beach balls and balloons.. among other things.. As we were all seated during the ceremony, and as the ceremony began beach balls were blown up, ballons were blown up, and bubbles started flowing. I love how the administration failed to keep these items from the proceedings. It was excellent. During the whole ceremony people screamed and yelled and cheered and shouted things such like "what? what? yeeaahh!" or "0-4, you know!" amongst verious other things.. The Validvictorians gave their speaches and during most of them people cheered, tossed beach balls around and blew bubbles and cheered. It was hilarious. The ceremony was not monotanous or boring at all because of all the hilarity, the laughter, the cheering and the chaos.. It was excellent. I'm glad it was not perfect and pristine and according to plan. I liked that the administration struggled through the aisles chasing the beach balls as we kept hitting them in different directions so that they could not catch them, and the cheering and awwing as the beach balls blew away, or someone took and deflated them. It was great. A lively class, who does not care, and can have some fun.. I like that. People yelled things into the microphones as their names were called, and no one heard much of the speeches that were given. Not a lot of speeches were given.. Maybe a total of 5.. and none of which were boring, or lenghty.. possibly because of all the things going on around.. I do appologize to those who gave speeches, though, im sure the audience heard them.. heh..

After the ceremony was done, procedure stated that we all file out in single file lines.. instead, we all got up and started saying our goodbyes. Hugging each other, hand shakes, and i thought to myself, "Hrm.. I'm never going to see most of these people again." I don't mind not seeing most of the people there again, though some people like Isaac Lebron, or Jameliz Tores, or Carlos Lopez, and a few others, i will miss seeing. These are the people who's personalities are superb, whos charachters are admirable and enjoyable.. These people, i shall miss. As we said our goodbyes, cheered the finalization of high school. I saw and said goodbye to Carlos Lopez, and he told me about what i had writen in his year book last year, about how he had an excellent charachter and suchlikes.. It meant a lot to hear him repeat my words to himself and me.. I would have never expected it.. It was kind of sad.. My description does not do the moment justice.. I walked out of the senior class seating area in the middle of the football field and met Jessica with a big hug.. Then.. Wes and Jessica.. with a big hug. I then saw my parents and cousin.. and then picked up my diploma in the gymn with Adam.. There i was made to take a photo with Cory by his mom, which was fine by me.. I returned to my car, and drove Jesse as close to his car as i could.. I gave him $20 which i had promised to give to him after high school, during 1st semester.. There were police hand signaling the traffic, and had the street coned of, which kind of made me think of how large an event this was for the town.. A yearly event, of course.. but an event large enough it waranted the usage of the police to direct the heavy traffic and security.. I drove home, and here i am.. writing this..

Heh, High school is over.. It feels like a big deal, and it feels like a small deal. Most people graduate from high school, so its really not that big of a deal.. Though, 12 years of public education have led up to this.. It's over now.. I'm quite estatic. This stage of my life has come to a closing.. The stage of high school, of public school, the stage of my entire life so far.. finished, completed, done with.. Come January 2005 i'll begin the next stage in my life.. I'll attend Brooks Institute of Photography where i'll major in Photography.. But untill that time, i have myself 6 months during which i will be stage-less, i suppose. No place to be, nothing i have to be doing.. A 6 month sabbatical from general, normal life.. In 6 days, i embark on this 6 month snippet of my life which i'll look back on forever.. I'm happy, and i'm sad.. In some respect, i feel as though i'll be missing out on numerous things here, with friends, and such.. Though, was i not going, i would miss out on the greatest adventure in my life, yet to pass. I like adventures.. So, i guess.. Goodbye to the old, and hello to the new, to be cliched. Here goes!

Now its time for a shower, and dinner at Black Angus with Matt and Jessica.

Heh, Friday after graduation, after a shower, i drove down to Matt's house, and from there, Matt, Jessica and I went to Black Angus in Thousand Oaks for dinner. We had a reservation at 1815. It was good.. After, we went to Best Buy where i bought 100 cd-r's and 10 cd-rw's.. 60 of which will end up in my luggage to Switzerland because im sure its cheaper to buy them in bulk, here, for $14 then in Switzerland. Heh, anyway.. After this, we drove down to Camarillo and went to Jesse's house. From there, we drove back to Newbury Park and went on a little night hike, or.. night wander by the Malibu National Park/Forest/thingo area over by Portrero/Lynn-ish.. That was fun. When we were done, we were thirsty, so we made a stop at the Albertsons nearby..

As we sought out drinks, Jesse and I saw a sign that read beverage boulevard, and as soon as we got there.. jesse started glowign with happiness... It was more or less just 4 open isles of massive amounts of various beverages.. Jesse was glowing, it was hilarious.. he was so happy.. He said he wanted to work there.. haha.

Heh, we returned to Camarillo and hung out at Jesse's house where we watched some Family Guy.. I then got to drive Jessica's car back to Matt's house where my car was. We all went home, and now i am here.

Heh.. Yeah.. I have 5 more days left here.. And then I'm off.. I feel like i have so much i still have to do before i go, im somewhat stressed. New things keep poping up into my head, things i'd like to get done, or to still do before i go.. Heh, wooh! So, with that said, im going to go to bed so that i dont sleep all of my day away.. Thus i conclude this entry.

Posted by Di @ 03:19, June 19, 2004
digging the pics. enjoy your last five days. live for the moment. regret little. and bon voyage, mon ami.

Posted by Chelsea @ 18:43, June 19, 2004
Hey, I like the pictures! Very Fun. I especially like the one of wes flippingoff Flynn. Classic, just classic.

Posted by Chelsea @ 18:44, June 19, 2004
Oh yeah, you're very cute as a kitty!

Posted by DI @ 11:21, June 21, 2004
nice pics. we'll miss you in CH!!! and YES!!! WE ARE FINALLY DONE!!!!!