Only IDIOTS do this.
Published Tuesday March 22nd, 2005

Here is something one does never do: Never fucking show up at my house without me around at 01.30 in the fucking morning when I have to get up for fucking class in 4 fucking hours, walk into my fucking room even though I completely ignore you hoping that you go away, go into my closet looking for something while you think that I am fucking asleep. No FUCKING WAY YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Here's a hint for everyone for future reference: I will be severely pissed off if you come to my house at 01.30 in the morning when I am asleep, especially if I'm in a fucking bad mood, and especially if i have to go to fucking class at 07.00 in Santa Barbara. USE YOUR FUCKING BRAINS YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. Take a hint. AND I hope you didn't get your hit because you are fucking stupid. Dog's barking at 01.30 in the morning and everyone knows that no one is out for the evening.. Yea.. Everyone is now awake. Everyone here now hates you. And im flaming pissed.

Here's a new rule for Marco's house. You can message me, you can call me. If i dont answer, DO NOT show up at my fucking house because i probably dont want to fucking deal with you. Stay the fuck away.

This is the end of my angry rant. Don't be so fucking arrogant and pathetic.