Card readers are complicated!
Published Monday April 4th, 2005

A lovely and enjoyable 4 days of absolutely nothing school related have come and passed all too quickly and I wish I had another 4 to come. .. But enough about how I hate school.

Thursday evening after coming home from school a few of my friends and I hung out in my guest house. Cory spent the night, and on Friday the next day Cory and I drove out to Antelope valley, or on highway 138 to go visit the poppy preserve. There weren't as many poppy's as I had hoped there would be, but I still got a fair amount of photos, and what I hope to be fairly decent black & white photographs with my rented large format 4x5. It was an enjoyable time.

We returned to Camarillo at around 19.00 and watched the the 4th (or the first) Star Wars movie. ... after which we watched the 1st episode after returning from Denny's where we met up with Matt who was hanging out with Heater and Bethanie.

On Saturday, at around 16.00, Matt and I drove down to Los Angles. We were heading down to go to How Sweet It Is (or HSII) at the Shrine. We had time to kill, and seeing how USC was right across the street, we met up with Tyson and hung out with him for a while. After a brief glimpse of some concert featuring The Roots on USC campus, Matt and I, and Tyson who decided to join us headed over to the Shrine where we discovered what would become a 3 hour line. We chatted with random people in the line, but it was a stupid waste of time, especially because we already had the tickets and there was absolutely no organisation. Tyson gave up at circa 23.30 and sold his ticket to someone. Matt and I eventually made it in at around midnight after a bit more than three hours waiting in a line.

If you ever go to an L.A. rave, be sure to be either greatly wasted, Ecst'ed out (the fascinating vocabulary one learns while standing in line is astounding), or on any sort of drug or hallucinogens because you will be faced with the worst, most boring electronic music ever created with never ending, unchanging beats and absolutely no melody whatsoever. You will ask yourself why you notice no change in tempo or sound when the DJ changes vinyl as you stare about watching people dancing around with their ridiculous glow sticks. Yes, indeed. I will now base my entire opinion and bias on the L.A. rave scene on this one experience. You will be baffled that, even when the DJ's change, you hear absolutely no change in the beat, the rhythm, or the song itself.. and again wonder where the melody is?

Anyway.. It really was not worth what we paid for... It was worth about... $0. Oh well. The event ended promptly at 03.00 as scheduled and Matt and I drove home, making a stop at a Mc Donalds in Agoura where apparently they skipped teaching employees how to slide plastic credit or debit cards through card readers because the lady working kept sliding our cards through in ways so that the magnetic tape strip (you know, the part with the information) would never even enter the card reader. Oh nooo! Technology! Eek! Its so complicated and scary! Ah! I'm a supervisor at Mc Donalds and I don't know how to use a card reader! I'm stupid!... Yea.. it was really annoying.

Eventually I returned home, went to bed.. and woke up again. As I do every day. It's quite repetitive. I picked up Matt and we then met Chelsea at The Coffee Bean and we chatted until 16.20ish at which time Matt and I went to Edwards where we saw Sin City which was a rather good movie. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

After the movie.. we drove around.. Had dinner at a random Carls Jr. in Thousand Oaks off of Moorpark Rd (or Blvd, whatever) and then we went to Borders and hung about in the music section. I'd like to mention that the "listen to samples from the CD's" feature they have at borders in entirely pointless with electronic music, because by the time you get to anything (the build up) the sample fades out. Really fucking retarded. "Hey! Lets just had 30 second samples for users to listen to, not the whole song!" Fucking greedy conservative capitalists. Grrr.... Heh.. I have a lot of random anger for some reason. Don't mind me if your a greedy conservative capitalist. I just don't like you.

Heh.. anyway... we returned from Borders back to good ol' Camarillo, ville of boredom and absolute nothingness and Matt and I rented a documentary on marijuana called Grass which was quite entertaining. After this, at around midnight, I headed home and here I am.

This is where I'd start rambling and bitching about how I am unhappy or unsatisfied and bored, but I'll spare the reader the bore.
Posted by Simon @ 02:04, April 04, 2005
Yes, Sin City is awesome o' possum indeed... We always have the script to be working on if you're bored.

Posted by marwin+ @ 11:12, April 04, 2005
hey Marco, do you know the Band Lunik? Anyway, nice entry

Posted by Marco @ 13:33, April 04, 2005
Yes i know Lunik. I have 3 of their CD's.