Frequency lacks Intricacy
Published Wednesday April 28th, 2004

Heh, i played with a bunch of gel filters today on my wide-angle lens. I can't say i quite grasp the purpose to some of the filters, though, they're all good fun. I went through 10 large sheets of gel filters and cut out a 1.25" square from each, and slid each one into the back of my lens one by one and played around with them. From filters that made things really green, to blue, to red and orange to filters that kind of over-kill diffused everything. Some random photos of those are seen up there ^. Heh, good fun.. Oh yes. Oh well, now i have a bunch of cut out 1.25" filters laying in an abandoned Nintendo gameboy colour game cartrige case/cover/clear plastic thing. Woot.

Additionally, while bored, i found some website which i thought was pretty cool because, well, i was indeed.. playing with filters at the time. Ta-da! Anyway..

My external Maxtor 200gb usb 2.0/1.1, Firewire hard drive arrived today, as well as a 1024mb CF card/chip for my camera. The external hard drive works so perfectly. Pluged it into my linux desktop and worked right away without any hitch. I love when that happens. Added, with over-kill fashion, /dev/sda1 /mnt/ex01 vfat noauto,owner,user,exec,dev,nosuid,rw 1 2 to /etc/fstab and now mounting the disk on the fly whenever i want from Nautilus is very possible. No snags what so ever. I love it. Not only does it work great, but, rather unimportantly, the caseing the disk finds itself in is very sleek and pretty and i love it!

It was 34 celcius today.. Way too hot. Not allowed, no. Bad. No more. Make it stop. I hate heat. I'd rather be cold any day.

Some guys from ex-skypipeline, now called NextWeb (im talking about my ISP by the way), came up here and swapped out the antennae to try to make things work better.. *shrugs* Just thought id mention this, because it serves no purpose to anyone that i mention it to them, and thusly i have mentioned it which ultimately just wastes everybody's time and to this i can not say i am appologetic, and so i should end this rather fragmented sentance now.

Apparently this, or rather.. Tuesday early morning some lightweight plane crashed up on my road. Whaddya know.. Kind of odd and unusual.

Tuesday evening i called PC Club and to my dissapointment learned that i would have to wait another week untill i could get my laptop becuse the laptop had no shipped yet for they were still waiting for specific parts, or so the guy on the phone told me. Meh, i want it now! I can't wait to take all my new toys to europe and use them for what i bought them for. Soon, so soon.. Less than 2 months. Wow... In less than 2 months i'll be in Switzerland, in Europe for 6 months. How very strange, yet very nice..

GI Joe!

Anyway, i've been watching Stargate episodes all evening, i think i shall continue doing so now.