Early Saturday Morning
Published Saturday May 17th, 2003

La de do... whaddya know, it's the weekend. YES! How i enjoy weekends... no big plans this weekend... Entropy Design meeting tomorrow at 15:00... beyond that... nada. Heh... quite exciting... Hrm... almost 0300 in the morning.. fun.

So, friday.. i went to school ... It was rally schedule and we had an hour and 10 minute long lunch/rally hour... what a waste of time, right?.. Then, the last 2 periods i knew i wasnt going to do anything.. so.... being the little goodie too-shoe that i am.. i called my mom and asked her about comming home... (i would have just ditched, but.. knowing that i am me.. i would have failed) so.. we werent sure how to go about getting me home.. because she didnt have a car... so.. i suggested that i'd just try and ditch.. so.. i tried.. and.. as i walk to the exit stupid campus supervisor happens to show up... right as i come up.. what a coincidence... i could sence it comming miles away, lol... so i aborted, and... called my mom again.. asked her to call the office... and.. they wrote some off campuss pass and .. picked it up... taunted the campus supervisor person with it and they had to let me go, ha!... lol.. yea.. When i got home i ate lunch... and.. then.. watched some tv and.. took about a 4 hour nap... woot! lol... *cracks his back, oje*

Hrm.. in the evening, my parents went to some classical concert, and.. Mike, matt, adam, and wes came over and.. we went down into the canyon and beat up bushes and drove around on the traktor... purely out of boredom.. was quite entertaining.... Heh... then, afterwards, when the sun set we went and cruised around.. thats always fun.. towards 22:30 we went to starbucks and met up with tyson, chris and kate and talked untill aorund 23:00... heh... And that was my Friday evening. Exciting, i know.

Hrm... i still havent migrated this layout throughout the rest of the site.. lol.. ooopsie. Maybe that'll happen... soon, since its the weekend... yes? no? .. maybe... Who who who who knows... Bwah, i have this blister on my thumb from earlier this evening.. lol... d'oh!

mmmm, i feel summer vacation nearing. So close, yet .. so far away. Hrm, lookie here.. my connection... where'd it go?.. mmmm 10b/s .. speedy.

... That was a random paragraph, no? ... Yeah. I really dont have much more to say at the moment.. heh.. so .. end!
Posted by Chris @ 11:54, May 17, 2003
I don't know what to post but I figured I might as well ... FIRST POST!