Published Sunday April 2nd, 2006

A long while ago, back in the day when weblogs were really just coming into mass fruition, before the time of massive online social networks ( MySpace, Friendster, Facebook to name a few ), I came across something called AudioScrobbler but never really thought a whole lot about it. (Probably saw it in a Slashdot article.) A few months ago I read another Slashdot article about The Music Genome Project and a service called Pandora. I gave it a try and was happily pleased, except for the flash player part. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon and have been using it's open-source player at work ever since, and scrobbling my music when I've been listening to music at home. What is Another online social network based on music. As you listen to more music, builds internet radio streams for the user to listen to and generates all sorts of charts. Here's my profile, for example. Anyway.. It's kind of cool, me thinks, and so I thought I'd mention it to others.

Last weekend I joined my Andrea, my dad and my mom on a trip to Death Valley during which we went off-roading. Lots of fun. I also finished reading 1000 something page book, Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. The first book I've read in about two years, possibly longer... Haha. I was kind of dissapointed by the ending of the book. It seemed as if the author just got bored and quickly concluded the book in the last 100 pages. Oh well, it was still an enjoyable read. Last Thursday (or something) Mike, Matt and I played music in my garage for about 7 hours. Switching off between the Synth, drums and guitar as well as singing. Was a lot of fun. This weekend I sat here mostly.

Besides all this... there isn't really a whole lot else to write about... Or I just don't feel like it.. Oh well...