Persons Photographed!
Published Friday June 4th, 2004

Heh.. well then. It appears as though i should make a blog entry, seeing as how i have photos to share. Lets begin with the photos.

By far my favourite one, comes first.

I haven't ever really gone out to take photographs of people. That is to say, i haven't ever really gong out to intentionally take photos of people, but now i have. Last Friday, to be exact. The photos up there are the results. I'm rather fond of them, with the exception of two which could have been better. However, out of 510, those 6 i found to be the best. Thats either really pathetic, or good. Heh, you be the judge. I really, really like the first one up there. Heh, Charlene: Sorry that none of the photos have you in them.. (except for the one with you and Matt.) The one's with you in them did not turn out as well as i had hopped.

Heh.. Now, i'll try my hardest to remember what i've done since Monday. Heh, i do recall that Tuesday started out pretty crappy. I slept extremely poorly in the early morning, and was rather depressed throughout most of the day for no reason whatsoever. Too much thinking, contemplating, pondering and wondering. In the evening Jessica came over, ate dinner with my family and I, and then we hung around. My dad left for Carlsbad Tuesday morning. Aww.

Wednesday was school as usual. School, by the way, has become completely pointless because nothing is accomplished or achieved anymore. I came home, ate some baby spinach salad in a vinigar/olive oil dressing i quickly threw together, then went to nap. At around 1330, Jessica, Jesse and Matt appeared in my room when i woke up and turned around they were just hanging out. It was weird, but cool. We hung around untill 1450ish and then they left, and i left for Starbucks where i met up with Mike, Adam, Raymond and Tyson to discuss things about Switzerland. It went well, and a lot of stuff was covered/cleared up? Heh. After this, we drove to my house where i dropped off the car i had, and then Adam, Mike, Tyson and I drove to Newbury Park to eat in the food court by Target on Wendy Dr. After we ate, we enjoyed ourselves in some humour. We returned to Camarillo where we drove around a bit and had a blast laughing at various things. We spotted Ruchi Patel running on Flynn Rd and so Adam and I were going to run into her direction prettending to be on a jog, as well as Ruchi was, but she turned directions and we had to make chase, which was rather exhausting and my feet and legs still hurt now. We cought up to her, and said things like, "Hey Ruchi! High-five! YEA!" ... Then Adam and I wrestled in a park while Ruchi continued to jog by. It was amusing to us, anyway. Haha. Ding-dong-ditched some people.. Picked up Danielle, drove to Dianne's house.. Huddled around in a circle and rang the door bell, then chanted things as Dianne's father stared at us. After this, we left Dianne's house, went over to Kristen's where we played.. uhm.. sort-of-basketball, and soon we all ended up going home. I went to bed at around 0300.

I didn't go to school Thursday. We had a minimum day at school, and i really did not feel like going at all. So, i did not. Got up at 1150, and was picked up by Dianne and Danielle at around 1215. We drove to Taco Bell were we bought some lunch which we ate at Mission Oaks Park with Raymond, Dianne, Kristen, Danielle (briefly Simon and Brendan) and.. oh, Kate. We left at around 1330, and Dianne, Danielle, Kristen and I went to the T.O. mall, they bought various things for someones birthday. We then went to the Jans mall and went to Toys-R-Us where they bought more things, and i played around with the toys. Then, we went to Old Navy where i bought some clothes. 2 Jeans and 2 shirts. Horrah. $75, or something. We left, and went to Target where they bought more things, and i messed around and.. of course, followed them. It was fun. We went home, Dianne dropped me off at my house, and i then turned back around, took my family's truck and drove down to Jessica's house where i met up with Jessica and Matt. Jesse soon showed up and we all hung out. Drove around a bit, ate dinner at Taco Bell (again, taco bell.).. We went to the Camarillo Target and waltzed around, spent 10 or more minutes in the "Family Planning" section, deciding that it would be funny to buy 3 condoms and pay at the cashier with us guys and Jessica holding lube, pregnancy test's, razors, and other.. things. We didn't have the cash, or perhaps the will, so we did not end up doing it, that, and they didnt sell individual condoms. We went to Petco, then the Vons on Mission Oaks road, then Savon and played around. We ended up going back to Jessica's where we watched a movie, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas untill 2330. Jesse went home at 2200. I dropped Matt off at his house at 2330, then went home, and here i am.

Heh.. yea.. I would type more, but i want to go to sleep, so.. it'll have to wait for another time. Heh, leme know what you think of the photos. Make/leave comments, if you'd be so kind.

Well then, the end? Heh. 20 days untill i leave the country.
Posted by Charlene @ 08:18, June 04, 2004
Lol. Its okay. I forgive you. *looks around* I'm not too photogenic anyways :-D

Posted by andimandi @ 18:06, June 04, 2004
Hallo.....I like the first picture and the one w/the hands and the one w/ the sunglasses reflecting.....uhummmm...I like i like = )

Posted by Simon+ @ 19:36, June 04, 2004
hey marco this is the first time for me on your site, this is really awesome... especially the little histories on each charact.... person... ha!

Posted by DI @ 01:15, June 05, 2004
you guys sure do weird stuff at target...