Weblog Searchability
Published Monday August 7th, 2006

Introducing weblog search.. because Chris's blog doesn't have it. You can now search weblog entries from this site at your hearts content. Chris's site will tell you that, "search is not needed yet," but he clearly does not know! It's a mostly pointless feature, but I'm sure I will personally use it once or twice.

I had an hour or so of free time today sitting on my bed. I wanted a short little project and so I decided to implement search. It's still primitive, but it works. Enjoy! (or something)
Posted by chris @ 12:00, August 07, 2006
Aw, god dammit Marco, now I gotta go write a search function! Looks good man, did the obligatory search-for-myself and I found a satisfying number of results. On the technical side, did you have to convert all of your blog bodies from text to that mysql searchable type or are you querying all the blogs and doing your own search (im guessing not)?

Posted by Marco @ 10:01, August 08, 2006
I don't really know the technicall correctness of what I'm doing (I just make shit up and it works), but you can search through almost any sort of TEXT field using WHERE `field` LIKE "%the_query%" in your SQL query. Of coure, it helps a lot if you have a FULLTEXT index on said field. lol.

Posted by Damon @ 07:45, August 12, 2006
Used the search function! searched my own name and of course Daniela's