Drainage pipe exploration!
Published Monday March 15th, 2004

An image from Santa Rose Rd. facing the southbound direction of the 101 Freeway at around 20:30 last wednesday, i believe it was. From here on, throughout the rest of this blog entry ill have some of the best photos i took last tuesday on my little trip to Rose Valley nearby Ojai. Enjoy, and, be sure to leave comments letting me know what you think of them! =) Oh! also, let me add that the only changes that were made to them where hue, contrast, saturation and brightness enhancements/changes.

Hrm, lets see... a recount of events in the past few days seems appropriate..

Friday, after i got home at around 1130 from school (we had a rally, i.. uhm.. couldnt care less, thus went home even earlier then usual) i took a nap, and at around 13:30 Adam came over. We hung around a bit bored, waiting for Mike to show up, which he did at around 1400. We then went and drove the manual civic. I got my laught by watching Mike and Adam drive stick. Adam, for the most part, provided most of the entertainment. Though, he was not bad for claiming to be the first time he'd really done it. *cough* Liar? *cough* Anyway... We went back to my house, switched cars... so, got into Mikes car and we met up with other people at Chris's house, from where we decided to go to Quiznos for dinner.

After dinner we went and.. played tennis! This was something we had not done before. Provided for a bit over 2 hours of entertainment. Though, towards the end i just ended up trying to peg Marwin with tennis balls, and, Matt turning against me and pegging me. Hmph. Traitor!

Anyways, as we were leaving, we discovered a drainage pipe with sounds of frogs from within while hunting down missing tennis balls. So... uhm.. we went in! Adam and I went in the farthest, though he went farther then I and actually saw the frogs.. lol. my legs were sore for the next 2 days from the odd crouching/odd movement on all fours. Was great fun though. lol.... Uhm... Anyways, from there.. we ended up at my house... Or rather, nearby my house, at my 2nd address thingo adjacent to my house. We laid out a tarp, and throw over a blanket and sort of flirted with each other for around 3 to 4 hours, or there abouts. Was great fun. Playing footsies, tickling each other, acting gay.. Wahoo! lol. We then all went home. Mike stayed at my house for 20-30 minutes after and, then also went home.

Saturday, i got up at around 1300. Bored, i watched Texas Chainsaw Masacre. Lovely movie. I then went to Kates house at around 1600. We went to blockbuster and rented School of Rock. Was pretty good. We then ate dinner at her house, and hung/lay around chatting and such untill 0100, and i then went home. I love staying out late. I have this odd new desire to stay out as late as i can. Heh, tis good.. no? ... Right?... Heh, oh well.. I wish i had more to say about Saturday...

Sunday: I got up around 1215.. took a shower, and met up with Jessica and Jesse at Sports Mart, from where we went to some outlet mall place thing-o i'd never been to in Oxnard, one exit after Rose Ave or whatever. There, Jessica bought shirts.. and.. Jesse and I mused ourselves with manacins that had paint buckets as heads... Uhm, from there we went to Edwards theatre and bought some tickets for Passion of the Christ showing at 1545. We then went to Wendy's and ate. From there, having good time to kill, we drove to Best Buy after a quick trip to a bank so Jessica could get some money. Jesse and Jessica bought movies... and.. i bought nothing. We then headed to Edwards and saw Passion of the Christ. In the first few scenes, "Jesus" was in the vascinity to some guy, who i thought was "God" for a while. I thought.. wow, "God" is kind of creepy, yet, oddly cool... Then, i realized.. wait... wait... thats.. not "God", thats "Satan", after a bug crawled from nostril to nostril, and a snake slithered away from him.. lol... Simple mistake, really. Lol, anyways.. throughout the movie.. i thought.. haha, "Satan" looks really cool. And, of course, they never showed "God" because that would piss all the... uhm.. Would piss people off. Anyway, movie was okay. I wasn't really touched or inspired, nor felt the slightest need for water in my eyes. Then, of course.. the flashbacks caused me to be lost .. as.. i dont fully know the background stories. *shrugs* Kind of brutal, but not too bad. Can anyone tell me why they put stakes through "Jesus's" hands, but not the other 2 men being crucified? *shrugs* Anyways.. Jessica later discovered, while on imdb.com, that the actor who played "Satan" was really an actress, a female. So, not only was "Satan" cool looking, but, also female.

Anyways, after the movie we drove back over to Sports Mart where i had dropped off my car, and we then drove to Jessica's house. There, we hung around a while. At around 20:00 we went to Jack In the Box and got some food, returned to Jessica's house and ate it while watching The Breakfast Club. We then watched some various tv... and mainly lay around on Jessicas bed and chatted... Jesse sort of fell asleep.. and.. uhm.. between poking him, Jessica and I mused ourselves with what was on tv and our conversations. Jessica then drove Jesse home at around 0100, and, i also left. Got home, and went to bed at around 0200. Was good. I like hanging out with Jessica and Jesse, though the first time i've hung out with them both exclusively. Hope it'll happen some more. Thusly, thank you to both of you for a great day.

Monday, i was taken away from my slumber by my mom telling me they were all ready. Ready to go to Universal Studio that is/was... So, at around 0900 we left. It was my mom, grandma, grandpa, Anna, Andrea and I. We got there, and.. we all went on the studio tour ride, where they take you through all the sets and whatnot. We had lunch, and then, Anna, Andrea and I split from my mom, and grandparents. We hit nearly every attraction, with time to spare, and later met up again with the rest for the live Water World show. After that, we returned home, and.. got home at around 1900. It was a good day. I liked hanging around with my sister, Andrea and my cousin Anna, joking around with them.. All that fun. Anna is like an additional sister. I love it. She's great, and so are my already 2 existing sisters. lol. Too bad Daniela stayed home. Kill Joy. Hmph!

Anyways.. when we got home... we had dinner, i showered.. Watched Alias which my dad recorded for me on Sunday. Thank you, dad! Uhm.. and then.. procrastinated a bit on some English homework untill finally actually doing it. Its included at the end of this blog entry. Its some stupid "Historical Diary" thingo about the Bubonic plague or something. Whatever. Read some random webpages which were returned to me when i searched for "london", "plague", "life" or who knows what... And, then.. pull the essay thingo/ made up journal entries out of my ass... and.. ta-da! Indeed. Wow, i really dont have much to say.

I feel this blog entry running dry...

Overall, the past few days have been very eventful and quite satisfying... Now im worried about next week and weekend wondering it it can live up to: Hike, Freeway walk, babysit, tennis, drainage pipe exploration, tarp slumber, movies, laying around, chatting, and universal studios... Wow. Heh... This week: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. At least, that i know of so far. How sad.

Hrm.. not a whole lot to say from this weeks random thoughts/comments/meantionable list. 2 things, for the most part. I think its kid of amusing how major tech people, and by tech people i mean people who make a living or hoby out of fixing peoples technology problems, all have huge conflicting egos. Or, so it seems to me from observations.

Also, After the terrorist bombings of the trains in Spain, i was impressed by the responce. 1/4th of Spains population participated in demonstrations against terrorism. Now, that is an impressive way to respond, i think. This, and really cool way to respond.. heh.

Hrm.. Here's that thingo i had to write for English i mentioned before.

Posted by Jessica @ 00:07, March 16, 2004
wee! this entry was really long.. wowza.. i had fun as well, glad you had fun! and you know i like your pictures, what more do you want from me?!

Posted by Jesse+O @ 07:25, March 16, 2004
holy crap? you guys were poking me? lol i mustve been out :)

Posted by Di @ 12:00, March 16, 2004
yes, the group footsies was great fun. wish i could have been there for the tennis though. oh, any chance i could borrow your copy of alias from sunday? i missed it cause i was watching silence of the lambs (danielle's idea...) hmmm, as to this weekend, we shall have to have more group fliration...lol

Posted by Me @ 22:50, March 17, 2004
hey dianne, dont try to blame me for missing your show. its not my fault you FOOLS were doing hw. even your mom thought it was lame. the madness needed to stop. so you would have missed it either way. i hate you dianne.

Posted by Di @ 15:04, March 18, 2004
oh yes marco....secretly, i do many, many things you don't know about. the pot is just the tip of the iceberg.