How's your joystick, Jesse?
Published Friday February 11th, 2005

With this entry I will have successfully put of stupid homework assignments for my Cultural Studies class yet again. I have told myself that I will just do it in the morning. *cough* *cough* Yep.

Stuffs been happening.. time has been passing... But it seems that I've reached one of those really, really bored phases where nothing is very entertaining at all. So bored... that I've started my own garden to rival my sisters, Andrea. Mine will be bigger, and better and hers will suck. Those are my goals. My garden will crush hers! .. Yea.. this garden thing really is the weeks highlight.

Two nights ago Jesse, Matt, Chelsea and I watched the 1984 movie of Dune at Chelsea's house. That movie sucks. The book is really good. The 1984 movie sucks. The newer 2000's version by the Sci fi channel is much, much, much better. Yep.. This evening Gem!, Chelsea, Simon, Jesse and I watched Akira at Jesse's house. That was pretty good.. Oh, the next time you see Jesse (if you ever will see him), ask him how he likes his joystick. He'll love you for it, and me too!..

At around 14.30 today I met Jesse in the abandoned UA theatre parking lot and took a whole bunch of photos (180 of them on E100 transparency film) for my slide-story presentation assignment thingo.. Took a bit more than an hour to get all the shots. Thank you to Jesse for being my actor/model.

Heh.. I sort of (an hour ago) got home from Rolling Pin where Jesse, Gem!, Chelsea, Simon, Matt and I hung out a bit being bored.. Yep.. Fascinating, I know.... I really don't have a whole lot to say but I feel like making an entry.. So.. yea...

Oh well.. I'm going to go to bed now.

Posted by xiphias @ 09:56, February 11, 2005
did you implement the spoon-banana comments-spam-blocker yet? oh well, better luck next time.

Posted by Simon+ @ 13:13, February 11, 2005
how's the breakfast working for you, marco?

Posted by Di @ 21:44, February 12, 2005
Rolling pin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!