Off to Swtzerland
Published Thursday July 10th, 2003

Heh.. tomorrow at 1130.. we're leaving for LAX... Why?.. Wes and I are going to switzerland for 3 or so weeks.. heh.. I'm really not looking forward to LAX airport though.. all the scanning and waiting in lines and.. baggage checking and all that bullshit thats been increased since 911 or whatever the hell... argh.. lol, oh-well... Heh... Yea, so... our flight takes off at 15:00... and.. it'll take us about 10 or so hours to get there... where, in Zurich.. my grandparents will pick us up... Heh.. yea....

So.. when we return.. i'll have Hawai'i photos AND Switzerland photos to put up, aswell as all the journal entries i have writen up to put up here.. lol, fun.. fun.. oh so much fun...
Anyways.. yea... This'll be it, most likely untill we return. I don't plan on doing any postings while im in switzerland... i'll just type up all the things i wrote down in my travel journal and.. that'll be it.. lol... indeed, indeed.. heh..

Anyways then... I need to get some sleep..... Thus... off i go... We shall return at 13:00 on July 29th .
Posted by eric @ 06:51, July 15, 2003
Have fun marco, and once again tell that swiss miss chick to call me.

Posted by matt @ 21:08, July 25, 2003
bring back some swiss goodies.. oh and eric.. you can have the swiss miss.. but her twin sister's mine.. marco, can you tell her to give me a call.. she already has my number ;)