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Published Wednesday February 15th, 2006

How about an entry.. Haven't done one in a while... sure.. why not. Let's start off with some happy news. Power went out last night and this morning I discover that my entire foga database table has been wiped. Awesome. It's been rebuilt since, but any previously linked images to references in the old foga data will no longer work. foga Flaw? Perhaps.. Apparently the computer with all the images on it didn't come up after the power came back on, and when it came time for the nightly foga scripts to scan for modifications or new images.. it found nothing and decided to wipe everything. Bravo me. I hate myself for this.

Well that was pretty happy news.. How about a happy picture:

(Pic by Chelsea)

I'm so thrilled to be at school and about to go to my geography lab class.. I just can't wait!

I wish my fucking Internet connection worked right. My grandpa (dad's side of the family) is sick and is in the hospital in Bern. I hope he gets better quickly and doesn't get ill again..

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My mom is going to Switzerland tomorrow and as always I wish I was, too. Though, returning with her at the end of the month are my Aunt and Uncle (mom's brother). They've never been here so it'll be fun, I hope.

Heh.. While writing this entry I wrote a quick hack for foga that should allow most images referencing the old foga-data to be re-mapped to the new data which should allow old images to still work. That's a relief.

Meh.. The weather this year has sucked. Too windy too frequently. Last Thursday it was 31 degrees Celsius. ... In the beginning of February? .. What the hell? Argh. I have the feeling that it's going to be a very hot year. Probably crappy too. Just like last year.

School tomorrow (Thursday) .. and then work Friday.. and then a lovely weekend...
Posted by No Name @ 16:53, February 26, 2006
Celsius? What the hell is that?!

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