Rain and Visual Stimuli
Published Friday September 3rd, 2004

This will likely be another one of those short entries. I don't really have a whole lot to write about because i have not really done a whole lot worth writing about. I can't really remember the last time i saw blue sky as it has more or less rained on and off for the past .. nearly two weeks now. I'm not complaining. It's cold. It's awesome. It was 13 Celsius today. It would stop raining for a few minutes.. and then start right up again.

Tuesday morning i woke up at 0800 to help my aunt Rita and her friend Damaris clean the apartment in which i and my friends had stayed in. From 0800 until 1100 we cleaned. I cleaned the entire bathroom in a spotless manner. Heh.. Rita is one of those people who intimidate me. This intimidation usually arises from my difficulty communicating with the person.. For some reason i find it difficult to talk with her beyond a general hello and quick query. *shrugs*

Wednesday Rita and Damaris came again to clean some more in the apartment, but i over-slept.. not entirely unintentionally. In the afternoon i went with my grandma to the store, and then went and visited my aunt, uncle and cousins on their farm. (Sommers) We chatted, and so forth. I found out that my cousin, Deborah was recently engaged to her boyfriend. This was kind of weird because she is the first of all my cousins to become engaged to her boyfriend, whom i knew even before they ever started dating. Perhaps i'll be able to attend their wedding, making it the first wedding i'd ever attend as well. Made arrangements with Irene, my aunt, for a future date, as well as with my grandma for lunch on Thursday. After this, i returned back to my other grandparents (Lüthy's).

On Thursday i woke up at 1100. I called some packaging factory (Mopac AG)about a job, but got nothing because they did not need any more working hands.. I then headed off to my grandparent's (Sommers) for lunch. We had chicken and mashed potatoes. I spent the rest of the afternoon with my grandma. At one point i quickly ran off into town to get my grandma some light bulbs. While i did this, i also went to some travel agency and asked about Greece. I returned back to my grandparents (still Sommer's) and my grandma and i chatted, had ice cream, showed her some photos, and so forth. At around 1600 my grandpa briefly joined us, and i then went back to my other grandparents (Lüthy's) apartment. Ha! Heh.. There really has to be a better way to describe which grandparent's i am talking about, which cousins, aunt's and uncles I'm speaking off.. However, i have yet to discover this. I'll gladly try suggestions.. Any input, anyone?

Heh.. And so here i am. Travel plans seem to be falling into place more and more, and time seems to be passing by very quickly. Just looking back, the past 7 or 8 weeks have passed by extremely quickly. I can't remember this amount of time ever passing this fast. It's very weird. I only have four months left here before i return to the states. Four! Ah! So little time.

Heh, i have not touched my camera in some time. My hands are antsy, wanting to press that shutter-button. I think I'm going to go on a walk tomorrow, rain or shine and find something interesting for my camera to see. I need to do something again. My eyes need visual stimuli; food. Indeed..

Heh, it's fun to watch the Olympic events sometimes. I usually never watch any sort of sport on T.V. because it bores me. However, with the Olympic events, you see sports you would usually never see on T.V. These sports i like to watch. Though, when i want someone or some team to win, i have to stop watching because it becomes too stressful for me to watch. The combination of anxiety and suspense is a feeling which i absolutely loath. My heart beats at an increased rate, and some sort of pressure in my chest builds up. So, at this point i stop watching.. Yeh.

I think I'm going to redo this site's layout. There's a lot of remnant crap laying around i don't really want here anymore for the direction i'm taking this website. Yes. Ha!

Well then..