Vacationing in Hawaii
Published Tuesday June 17th, 2003

Well, ^ there are some of the good photos i took on saturdays hike.. heh, indeed.

Well then... Yesterday, monday.. i went out and bought new shoes because i totally trashed the ones i had on the hike i went on saturday... lol, they're uncleanable.. heh.. Anyways.. then later Kate, Wes, Chris and I went to the beach up in Carpenteria.. we had a blast.. i was laughgint most of the time... Heh, yea.. that was definately worth going to.. i hope we can do it again.. heh.. i had way too much fun.. heh... lol... INDEED!

Anyways... at 0400 tomorrow morning ill be getting up to go to Hawaii with my familly... It's going to be soo soo much fun, bwahahaha! Heh.. I just hope there arent too many people there, because all the Americans are afraid to travel out of the country... heh.. whatever. So.. yea.. hiking, swiming, snorkling... all the fun of hawaii.. weeee... and lots of picture taking.. yess yess yess .. mwahah! Anywas.. yea... we leave at 0440.. and our flight takes of in LAX at 0640.. heads up to san fransisco and from there out to hawaii.... weeeeeee! I can not wait, i insist.. heh..

ANyways.. yea... im going to have to go to bed early or something.. i dont quite know how ill manage this one.. get up at 0400... hrm... heh... go to bed at 2300? .. that'll give me 5 hours... will i be tired enought to fall asleep at that time?.. lol... hrm hrm hrm.. Oh well.. it'll be interesting! lol...

Hrm.. I spent all of today making backup's of files and copying mp3's to my mp3 player and who knows what... That and listening to classical music.... i'm not obbsesed with Shostakovich's Piano converto no 2 in F ... la de do.. lol... hrm.. well then...

I think that'll do it... This'll probably be my last posting untill i return in 2 weeks from now... So... goodbye till then! I'm off to hawaii!
Posted by No Name @ 04:51, June 18, 2003
bye marco! i hope you packed your grass skirt. and watch those coconut bra's the itch like crazy.

Posted by chris @ 11:40, June 23, 2003
$10 says he posts in hawaii ... $10 of his money that is

Posted by wolv @ 03:01, June 27, 2003
wow, have a nice holiday! :)